Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Junk in the Trunk

True love's Tuesday to you all, my little gingersnaps! Helloooooo from sunny San Diego!!! That's right, I'm here for the day with Mr. G and no kids and am blogging. *wonders what's wrong with me* No worries, everyone can have a piece of me. O_o

In the news, a Florida Man stole a truck loaded with 338 boxes of Krispe Kreme donuts. So funny that they thought it was a man driving the truck away. *tucks away my man wig*

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While "The Mortal Instruments" is taking FOREVER to confirm a male lead, the "Hunger Games" roles have been announced for the role of Peeta (who is blond) and Gale. I hope Josh Hutcherson doesn't mind bleaching his hair, as opposed to wearing one of those Twilight wigs. (perish the thought!)

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Justin Bieber celebrated his mom's birthday on stage, but as she bent over to blow out the candles, her hair caught on fire. Same thing happened to me. Except instead of having a famous son to celebrate it, it was my 15th birthday party. My 4 closest friends RSVP'd to the party and then none of them showed up. So my mom brought out my cake, singing to me all by herself, I leaned over to blow out the candle with my bad perm and caught my hair on fire. #worstbirthdayever Though my dear mom did have a 16th surprise birthday party for me to make up for it the next year, where TONS of friends showed up. (incidentally none of those 4 girls were invited)

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W-what? n-no! w-what are y-you even d-doing? I-I d-don't understand. P-please put that t-trunk down.

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And now it's time for... DAMN YOU AUTOCORRECT!!!

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Hey, WTF??!! Let's just take a moment to congratulate Gramma on the color of her outfit. #purplerocks

fashion fail - G-rad-Ma
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And that's all the time I have for you today. Run out and get "City of Fallen Angels" and "Red Glove" today! (but not before reading their prequels, "The Mortal Instruments" and "White Cat") Until tomorrow then, I leave you with this...

The authors of The Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia were good friends.

In fact, J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis became friends long before either man had become famous! Their initial meeting in 1931 would prove to have a direct influence on both their literary careers and the rest of their lives. The two men went out with a third companion for a late-night stroll around Oxford’s campus which developed into an argument about religion that nearly lasted until morning. In addition to teaching at Oxford, the pair had several shared interests, including Anglo-Saxon verse, Icelandic sagas, and a general love of the culture of “the North.”

Their friendship really took off a year later when Tolkien invited Lewis to join a literary group known as “the Coalbiters.” The group got together every week to read Icelandic epics in the original Old Norse language. These meetings inevitably led to a perusal of Tolkien’s pet writing projects by Lewis, and vice versa. The timing could not have been much better, as both men were experiencing sweeping self-doubts about their respective writing abilities at the time, and may have otherwise kept their writing a private hobby. Tolkien having a hand in Lewis’s return to Christianity bore its fruit in the Narnia series, and in return, Lewis prodded Tolkien relentlessly until he completed The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

It could easily be said that neither author would have earned the reputation they have today if not for their shared friendship. But did you know that J.R.R. Tolkien even based one of his characters on C.S. Lewis? Treebeard, the leader of the walking trees known as “Ents,” shares many of Lewis’s mannerisms, such as a booming voice and a constant throat-clearing habit. The deep camaraderie the duo shared is probably best summarized in a letter from Tolkien to his daughter following Lewis’s death in 1963: "So far I have felt the normal feelings of a man my age -- like an old tree that is losing all its leaves one by one: this feels like an axe-blow near the roots."

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  1. Hey there! Guess what I got in the mail yesterday! My book! YAY thanks!! So I'm confused on these prequels you mentioed to the Mortal Instruments. I've picked up the first book, City of Bones and am getting ready to read it soon, after finishing a couple of books ahead of it on my list, but you're saying there are 2 prequels? Hmmmm...what to do?

  2. Blogger did not want me to post a comment yesterday for some reason-so, I'm trying again today!

    I'm torn on the casting for Peeta & Gale. I love the kid who will be Peeta-but I'm not sure he's Peeta. And, the other guy I know nothing about-but he doesn't look like Gale for me. I'll be cautiously optimistic.

    The best part of the WTF pic of Grandma Tattoo is that she obviously just got more on her back-you can see the saran wrap and tape.

  3. Tattoo grandma looks amazing considering..lol If my body looks that good when Im that old Ill be very happy..lol Although thats a few too many tattoos for me..lol