Friday, April 29, 2011

I'm in Your Blog, Stealin' Your Posts

Fornication Friday to you all, my little gingersnaps! Today I'm hijacking another blog, and stealing all their material, so I can get up at 2 am and watch the Royal Nuptials. Bwahahahahaha *snort, snort* Okay not really. I'm just lazy today and didn't have time to find material for you.

No really, I think it's sweet that Prince William and Commoner Kate have found true love and are tying the knot. I just don't want to get up early to watch it, or take up precious space on my DVR to watch it later. I'm sure People magazine will have all the good pictures next week anyway.

And now... the post I stole from

12 uncomfortably sexual company logos.

A logo is the graphic representation of a brand, but for these companies, "graphic" is an understatement. It's actually pretty remarkable how many of these unsubtle innuendos slipped past the companies who approved them. They clearly need to hire more perverts. Speaking of perverts, if you guys see any more of these raunchy corporate emblems out there, send them our way. (Via Copyranter,, Subliminal Manipulation)

Brazilian Institute of Oriental Studies

Catholic Archdiocesan Youth Commission

Happy Weekend everyone! Don't do anything I would do! xoxo



  1. These companies need someone like me working for them.

    "If Christine giggles, we'll pass on the logo."

    That's all they really need to do. I could save them serious embarassment.

  2. Actually, I beg to differ. Because their embarrassment causes us great entertainment. Let the companies keep making these hilarious logos! ;)

  3. This is just too funny. I love Tous and have been arguing for years with my significant other about the teddy bear. I can't believe you have just proved my significant other right!! WHY!? I thought he had a dirty mind when all he could see was a teddy bear with boobs. I guess you can see it too!