Friday, April 1, 2011

Artificial Love

Freaky Deaky Friday to you all, my gingersnaps. I've got some big news to announce here on this blog. I wasn't going to share it at first but decided since you are all my "family", you guys deserve to know. Mr. Ginger took a job at an NGO in South Africa and so we're moving the whole family there! We're putting our house on the market this week and hope to have the entire G-clan moved there by June. We will be living in a remote area of South Africa with questionable internet access, so I'm afraid this blog can only continue for a few months. But if and when we return to the States, in a few years, I will resurrect Gingersnaps in the Morning. But until then, let's make the most of the time we have here until June! As they say in South Africa, "dit is 'n grap"!

Now on to the news... a British Mechanic has over 240 lifesize "love" dolls (dolls that are made to do the nasty) yet he only has tea with them, takes them for drives, bathes and dresses them and insists to his wife that he never EVER has or ever will have sex with them. And his wife believes him. He claims he has a happy marriage, yet something has me wondering... if indeed he was happy, WHY IN THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY would he have 240 sex dolls? Can't he just collect something else, like toy trains? Legos?

Source: aolnews

Katy Perry's new video is interesting. I thought she was Lady Gaga there for a moment. And I'm not digging the Kanye West parts but that might just be because I can't stand the egotistical jerk. But the music is nice. Well... you tell me. What do you think?

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Babies, would you like to comment on Katy Perry's new video?

Here's another Passive Aggressive co-worker note of the day. (and a witty response from a co-worker)

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Today's WTF moment is brought to you by Britney Spears, who allowed the Jackass guys to put her in a full porta-potty, attached to bungee cords, with nothing but some goggles to protect her.

Source: JustJared

And that's all the time I have for today. Have a great weekend and why don't you try to learn some Afrikaans with me? I leave you with the this fun fact, and one last thing in Afrikaans... "Alles wat ek gesĂȘ oor te skuif na Suid-Afrika was 'n grap.... Onthou watter dag dit vandag is..." Have a great weekend!!!

Male platypuses are poisonous!

The male platypus has a poisonous spur on each of its hind legs. Young females also have the spur, but it is not poisonous and they lose it before adulthood. Venom is normally a trait found in reptiles and amphibians, but a few mammals like shrews, platypuses and solenodons have venom as well. The male platypus’ venom is for mating season fights. It develops most of its venom during spring. It’s also not very strong, so that when the platypuses fight, they don’t actually kill each other.

-OMG Facts



  1. What an amazing adventure! I hope you are able to blog from time to time about the experience!

  2. Considering it's April Fool's... I question the post...

    Hahah. But if it is true. AWESOME. =] That's so ridiculously cool! =]

  3. Nice try Ginger! Why do I have a feeling that your Afrikaans sentence is NSFW? ;)

  4. Yep, you may have sucked in a few rubes, but not this chick. You would have no access to purple hair dye in S. Africa! :D

    Happy April Fools' Day, Ginger!

  5. This better be an April Fools! LOL!

    Um, weird guy with you just REALLY like tea parties?

    OMG..I love the text. *gags* Thank god that's not my parents!!!

    WHY DID THEY NOT SHOW THE BRITNEY CLIP?! That was too funny!

  6. This better be April Fools!! I'm gonna be bereft if it's true! (Bereft, word of the day!)In fun related news, I get to cat-sit my friend's Abyssinian for a few weeks while she's in Africa. My cats love her's cat love.

    Oh, question. I have had lots of issues getting email to and from my work addy, but I had to email you from it yesterday to respond to the book giveaway. Did you get my email? I don't have access to my yahoo email when here at work.

  7. I'm surprised none of you have used Google Translator to figure out what I said in Afrikaans. Just saying.

  8. That's hilarious! Here I was thinking you were being a little dirty...I'm impressed!! :)

  9. I went to the afrikaans translator :) I couldn't stand it! Tricky tricky lady!

    The love dolls are creepy. But, did you ever Lars and the Real Girl? The one time one of those love dolls was not creepy. I love that movie-it's so sweet!

    I love that Parents Shouldn't Text-b/c that is an awesome note-I'm so proud of that parent-that is awesome!

  10. The love doll thing is odd. And shouldnt his wife be questioning why he has tea party with said dolls. I think he may need help.
    The Brittney Spears clip is so funny lol