Friday, March 25, 2011

Today Is Friday, Friday

Frick Frack Friday, to you all, my little gingersnaps! We made it to the weekend! Yesterday was Thursday, today is Friday. Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday is the day after. Woo Hoo! I should write a song about it. Wait, that's already been done.

In the news, a news study is out that says sex increases heart attack for lazy people. That's right, if you consider yourself a "couch potato", "lard bottom" or "lazy bones", this applies to you. Either start exercising regularly, or stop having sex.

Source: aolnews

What in the flim flam??!! Two times in one week, people!! Alexander Skarsgard at Joan's On Third in West Hollywood?! What am I doing raising my kids and homeschooling?! I need to march my butt down to Joan's on Third and get a job so I can get ninja pics of Alexander Skarsgard at his favorite restaurant! (not to mention get discounts on the yummy food)

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Well I personally have Picksee77 to thank for introducing me to the gem that is "Friday" by Rebecca Black. And you critics beware... Lady Gaga says Rebecca Black is a genius. No word yet on whether Lady Gaga was smoking pot at the time of said comment.

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In case you haven't heard this "genius" song... here you go....

I personally prefer the Bob Dylan-style parody of it.

This just in... Rachel Ray enjoys cooking her family and her dog. I wonder if she uses EVOO.

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Robert Pattinson calls "Breaking Dawn" a horror movie and doesn't see how they will keep the PG-13 rating without cutting everything out. Rob, I agree, it's a horror movie, but we have Stephanie to thank for that. WTH??? They gear up for the big huge fight and then.... NOTHING... and Jacob falls in love with the infant human/vampire freak of nature?! Yes, yes... a horror movie.

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And now it's time for... PARENTS SHOULDN'T TEXT!!! (actually in this case, the parent SHOULD text because he's effing hilarious!)

Source: parentsshouldnttext

Hey, WTF??!! Chidi (the wife) and Innocent (the husband) decided to renew their vows on their 10th wedding anniversary, so they decided to have a lifesize cake replica of the wife made. They were going to have a replica of the husband as well, but they ran out of time, as the wife's replica took FIVE WEEKS to complete. I bet that was some nummy cake.


And that's all the time I have for today. Be good to yourself, because you are all you've got. Tune in tomorrow for a book review, and be sure to check back next week because I have a special surprise in store. Until Monday then... here is something for you to consider next time you have an important decision to make...

People with full bladders make better decisions.

This research was published in by Miriam Tuk, a scientist at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. She tested her theory by splitting volunteers into two groups. Half were given five cups of water to drink, and the other half was told to sip a small amount of water from each of the five cups. Forty minutes later, Tuk tested each group’s level of self-control by asking several questions. The main questions required the participants to choose between being paid $16 after one day or $30 after one month.

Typically, one would assume that the people who drank more water would choose instant gratification because psychologists commonly believe visceral states reduce our ability to exert self-control. The reasoning behind this line of thought is that our minds are so focused on maintaining a bodily function that we do not have as much energy to display self-control in other areas. However, Tuk’s findings indicated just the opposite - people exerting bladder control made the better decision and chose the delayed reward! She does not know for sure why this occurs, but she does have a theory - since human feelings of inhibition all come from the same area of the brain, she believes self-control in one area can have a positive effect on other nonrelated areas.

-OMG Facts



  1. Three thoughts:

    1. That whole sex-heart attack thing? Exactly why the hubs and I started working out regularly. (Hey, we are still newlyweds. Even if we have 3 kids:)

    2. Why does Mrs. Cake not look happy? It's like she's all "wow, is that really how I look?" Kind of seems like a letdown.

    3. The whole needing to pee= better decisions? That explains why nurses are so good at what we do- we never have a chance to go to the bathroom, so we make really good decisions!

  2. That Friday song just wasted almost 4 minutes of my life that I'll never be able to get back. BUT, I wouldn't be surprised if it became a huge song during the summer.

  3. Oh my gosh, the Bob Dylan parody of Friday is fantastic! I saw her on the Tonight Show and it was so backtracked you couldn't even hear her actual voice. I suppose that's genius.

    graceling-the bride DOES look annoyed, like ugh, really? that's all you could do?

    Love the Rachel Ray typo. How important prepositions are to a sentence-they're so taken for granted!

    As an unrelated aside-I started reading the Mortal Instruments series this week...the first book is pretty good so far...

  4. First, everyone's facts from yesterday were AWESOME!! Especially Helen's pecan confession!

    I'm offended. I may be "lard bottomed" but I am certainly not lazy. I can't help it if fat cells collect there.

    Rebecca Black is a genius. Everyone hates her but she's a national celebrity overnight. People forget that if they don't want someone to get attention...THEY SHOULDN'T GIVE THEM ANY. lol!

    I knew Rachael was a cannibal. No one would listen.

    5 week old cake? *gags*