Thursday, March 24, 2011


Three Things Thursday, my little gingersnaps! Today is the day I share 3 random things about me (that I haven't shared previously) and you share 3 things about yourself in the comments. Ready???

1. In college, I was a member of the Caribbean Students Association at FSU. I am not from the Caribbean and was one of two white members. The other one was from the Caribbean.

2. I'm proficient in the art of bellydancing.

3. I rarely fart. Mr. Ginger will back me up on this one. Pun not intended.

And now it's your turn! Aaaaaand.... Go!



  1. 1. I feel strongly that I was screwed--my mother has beautiful red hair like yours and I didn't get it.

    2. If I could afford to, I would be one of those people who just goes to school full-time and have a gazillion degrees.

    3. I am not sure if I want kids when I grow up (I'm 36). I love other people's kids, but I dunno if I want any of my own.

  2. OMG, G..that pic is SO adorable!
    LOL at The Girl's facts...also, I identify with her #2 fact.

    1) I was an extra in the movie Invincible. Mark Wahlberg is even hotter in person.

    2) I actually wanted a career in acting & when I was accepted to a talent agency, unbeknownst to my mother, she had a fit, we had a fight and I couldn't follow through.

    3) I was on Track & Field from 6th through 11th grade. I started javelin in 9th grade & beat all the seniors. ;)

  3. 1. My right foot it slightly larger than my left foot, but my hands are the same size.

    2. I never thought I would want a large family. Now that I have (3) kids, I think I want at least one more (but maybe 2 more.) That would mean we have a large family.

    3. I am scared to cut my hair short, because the last time I did (in high school) people thought I was a boy.

  4. 1. I have unreasonable fears of car travel and whales.
    2. I am a professional tournament poker player.
    3. I say puh-CAHN not pee-can. AW, nuts!

  5. 1. I am very afraid of canned biscuits, specifically the popping noise they make...along with other sudden sounds like thunder.

    2. I loathe bacon. The smell, the taste, everything. My husband and the world think I am the biggest weirdo ever to not like one of America's favorite foods.

    3. I write my name on everything because I like writing it, and I love my name (Susan)

  6. 1. Im absolutely terrified of being pregnant, to the point were I may never have children. Id rather adopt anyways.

    2. I would rather read then go out.

    3. Im terrified of clowns. I blame this on my mom reading me It when I was a baby.

  7. 3 random facts about moi:

    1) Gross Fact: I can blow spit bubbles off of my tongue.

    2) Funny Fact: Several years ago I was Anna Nicole Smith for Halloween and at a big outdoor parade/party in the gayborhood of Dallas I kept getting asked if my goods were real (they are) and if they could grab them (they could) and if I was born a boy or a girl. Apparently I was quite the tranny that night.

    3)Serious Fact: I was born a nice bright shade of blue and quiet since the umbilical cord was wrapped squarely around my neck. Luckily, they got it unwrapped and gave me a whack and the crying started.

  8. Julie, that photo of you is adorable!

    1. When I was adopted in 1968 records were closed and adoptive parents were not allowed contact with birth parents. When my parents were filling out final paperwork with their Social Worker which included naming me Carolyn Elizabeth she was stunned and asked if the had spoken to my birth parents (they hadn't). She then went against the rules and showed them my original birth record which had the name given to me by my birth parents: Carolyn Elizabeth.

    2. I have lived in Ontario my whole life but have never visited Ottawa (Canada's capital city) even though it is only 4 hours away. I have, however, traveled across the US including a road trip with my family that lasted a full month and took us from our home in Toronto to California.

    3. I am terrified of being in our basement when it is dark; I race up the stairs because of an irrational fear of "The People Understand the Stairs" (80's horror movie).

  9. 1. I'm currently one month into a 9 month trip around the world, currently in Calcutta, India.

    2. I seem to only fall in love with losers and jerks.

    3. Even though I have lots of people in my life who love me and care about me, I always feel very alone.

  10. 1. I want to adopt children (in addition to the 1.5 yr old I already gave birth to), but I feel too lazy and broke to get the process started.

    2. I have a very strong stomach, nothing grossed me out working as a vet tech for 5 yrs, but when a rabbit peed on me, I puked. Everywhere.

    3. I would pay $100 just to get 8 hours of sleep for a whole week in a row.