Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Smooth Like Buttah

Titillating Tuesday to you all, my gingersnaps. How is this week treating you? Me, I'm still knee deep in mucous. I'm really sure you wanted to know that. Moving on...

An 11 year old Thai girl has made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for being the World's Hairiest Girl. After years of being teased, this title has made her one of the most popular girls in her school, and she's absolutely thrilled. She says she's used to this condition and the hair doesn't bother her.

Source: foxnews

I say she should come to America and we can start up a Circus Sideshow act, where she can hold my hairless teat-sucking kitty Dobby. Come on, it's perfect... see, she she's got tons of hair and he has no hair AND sucks his own teats! What's not fun about that?

Willow Smith debuted her second single, "21st Century Girl", and it's not too bad, apart from her sharing Ke$ha's voice synthesizer. At least this song won't give you whiplash.

21st Century Girl by Willow Smith

Source: JustJared

We all know Paula Deen loves her some butter, right? Well this past weekend at the South Beach Food & Wine Festival, Food Network's Robert Irvine (from "Dinner Impossible") wanted to test how much Paula loves the butter. So he rubbed some on his six pack. And oh do I wish I was talking about beer. You might want to look away. Some things can't be unseen.

Source: dlisted

And now it's time for... PARENTS SHOULDN'T TEXT!!!

Source: parentsshouldnttext

Hey, WTF??!!

Source: imnotrightinthehead

I bet her daddy is proud.

And that's all the time I have for today. Be a rebel today. Go to the company refrigerator and switch names on people's lunches. But stay away from the soft drinks...

Soft drinks have been proven to weaken your bones.
Coca-Cola "Why worry about tooth decay if you have no teeth yet?

Pop (or soda, depending on your preference) actually reduces the strength of bones in a couple of different ways. The fizziness of the beverage often comes from phosphoric acid, which is known to increase the frequency at which calcium is discharged from the body in urine. This calcium would otherwise be used in supplementing bone strength. The other way soda pop can diminish bone strength is not quite so intuitive. By choosing to drink Pepsi, pop drinkers are quenching their thirst without getting the nutrients they could otherwise be receiving from healthier options such as milk or juice.

It's not just bones that soft drinks can damage. Regardless of how much sugar is in the drink, they can still damage your teeth. The pH level in most of these drinks is higher than that of acid rain, and it's strong enough to wear down your enamel.

-OMG Facts



  1. Willow's song is pretty good!

    It's a good thing Paula Deen's husband isn't too bright or else he'd have had enough of her licking other men by now. *shudder*

    I love that you posted that text. I was going to post it, but it was more of a Gasp than a Giggle. O_O But it was my favorite one!

  2. Oh Paula Dean... I dont even know what to say to that..lol
    Gotta love mom blowing the surprise..lol
    Hope you feel better.

  3. ugh willow...that damn "whip my hair" song is so catchy I will randomly get it stuck in my head for days..I am actively trying not to think about the song as I'm writing this!

    What a horrible vintage ad...nothing has changed.