Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Happy Purr Purr

Thoroughly Thursday to you all, my little gingersnaps! You guys know what makes me happy right? Well, besides that. And that. O_o Yes, kitties! There is an English tabby cat who's purr is 16 times louder than the average kitty purr is. Her owners have submitted her "purr" which has been recorded at 73 decibels.

Source: apnews

So you wanna hear Ms. Loud Purr-Purr Pants???

Speaking of kitties, watch this video and do what it tells you. Go ahead and put your finger right there.

In some cheery news, Vanilla Ice gets the role of a lifetime in... a SILENT production of 'Peter Pan' in some theater in England. (does it really matter which theater? *shakes head no*)

This is truly pure brilliance, finding a way for Vanilla Ice to support his family, where NO ONE has to hear him. Hush-Hush Baby.

Source: popeater

You guys remember that Justin Bieber sold his trimmed hair for charity, right? (It sold for $40K) Well the person who bought it is putting the Bieberhair on tour, where it's now making appearances across the country. Don't even think about stealing a piece for yourself though. It's in a glass case, and protected by 2 bodyguards. Does Justin Bieber himself even have 2 bodyguards? Anyway, it will be at Lucky Strike in Miami in case you want to pose with his hair. *gag* Apparently fans have been lined up for hours just to see his disembodied hair. Is it like magical hair? Can it be spun into gold? Can it be turned into pixie dust? Cause I might line up to see that. Otherwise no. And no I would not line up to see Jackie Chan or Nathan Fillion disembodied hair. *shudder*

Source: TMZ

How about some wacky signs from around the world? I just want to know how the Chinese plan to enforce that first sign. Cause I need to get one of those for my house.

Source: huffingtonpost

sidenote: I once got a massage from a blind masseuse at a fancy shmancy spa. She did a lovely job. *props to all the blind masseuses out there* Oh wait... you're probably not reading this blog if you're blind... uh... never mind. *hangs head*

Hey, WTF??!! If there is one pair of jeans that will make me run the other way, it is these.

fashion fail - Tadpole Pants
see more Poorly Dressed

And that's all the time I have for today, folks. Not to get your hopes up, but two of the books still haven't been claimed by winners. *looks at Crystal and Erica Cullen* They have one more day to claim their prizes before I draw again. Until tomorrow then, I leave you with this little gem, and I appoint a virtual Darwin award to each person who did what this author asked.

An author tattooed a book word-by-word on the skin of 2,095 volunteers.

Back in 2003, Shelley Jackson called for over two thousand participants each to serve as the physical medium on which her book would be produced. The book, appropriately titled “Skin,” now only exists in this form and can never actually be fully assembled to be read - especially because one of Jackson’s subjects died a few years ago! As an update to the work, Jackson has emailed around 200 of her “words” (as she so fondly calls them) to ask each of them to record footage of them displaying their respective tattoo and then saying the word. From these video clips, Shelley has crafted a brand-new 895-word story by reusing many of the words!



  1. That cat sounds like a Jawa from Star Wars! Poor cat-it purrs so loud it coughs? Good grief. Tone it down kitty!

    I'd get a Darwin award, b/c I'd probably let her tattoo me w/ a word for her book-I saw probably b/c it depends on the word. If she was like, I need you to have "it" I'd probably be a little disappointed. Or I'd end up being the one she'd want to use some horrible word-then I'd have to say, nah.

  2. AAHHHH!!! I won! I won!! I'm trying to email you now!

  3. Picksee, you'd get a word tattooed to you that didn't mean anything to you? What word would be acceptable?

    Congrats to Crystal and Erica Cullen who both claimed their prizes today. There will be no re-draws tomorrow.

  4. Ok, I'm a moron. I just commented on your friday post, asking if you got my email....**buries head in hands**...feel free to disregard.

  5. I'd probably do any noun that wasn't offensive :) Because, at that point, it would mean something to me-I'd be a part of a greater collective of words...a part of a book-and I love books, sooo, it would be kind of cool.