Friday, February 11, 2011

Poo Poo Platter

Fallacious Friday to you all, my little gingersnaps! What? I needed a good "F" adjective. O_o Okay, moving on...

Are you suffering from C. Diff and antibiotics just aren't working for you? Perhaps you should consider an alternate treatment in the form of a transpoosion. Otherwise known as a fecal transplant, where feces is injected either by enema or through a gastric tube inserted in the nose. Ahhh yes. In some extreme cases, doctors are finding more success treating patients with feces rather than antibiotics. Where do they get the poo? Why from carefully screened poo donors, of course! While the Australians have a Poo Bank (those wacky Aussies!), in the United States, they use fresh poo from donors. *thinks to self* I wonder if they pay for poo donations like they do for plasma.

Source: aolnews

Great news, my friends... the new X-Men: First Class trailer is here!! Why should you see it? Two words. James. McAvoy.

The Scientology church is under fire for using church funds, and making church members build extravagant items for Tom Cruise, like his super custom limo, while paying them just $50/week.

BUT, since I have no desire to go missing and wake up in an underground Xenu temple, being waterboarded, I will say I see no problem at all with Scientology using slave labor to build fancy things for Mr. Cruise. None at all. Is he trying to look like Jesus in that picture?

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In non-Scientology news, Arnold Schwarzenegger, recently tweeted he has given his people the green light to start accepting film proposals. Looks like my favorite Governator will be making some movies now that he has some free time on his hands.

The only part of the interview I don't like is the part where he says, "In the future I have to adapt my roles to my age. Extreme fighting or shooting is not possible anymore." Say what? Extreme shooting isn't possible anymore? What Arnie, you got arthritis in your trigger finger??? How about some extreme fighting and shooting movie with the church of Scientology. Uh oh... I think I just stepped over the line there. *changes my name to Blondie*

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Here is the latest Old Spice commercial. I remember this one from the time I was staring into his big brown eyes and I saw it playing back from his memory.

And now it's time for... DAMN YOU AUTOCORRECT!!!


Here's a special Valentine's edition of WTF. Someone call Chris Hansen from Dateline. Please.

fashion fail - Well I Know To Never Take You To Family Dinner
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And that's all the time I have for today. Have a smurfy day and an even smurfier weekend. Weekend assignment for you: Find a way to work the word "imbroglio" into a sentence. Report back to me. Until then... here's a little food for thought.

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  1. Hey, Ginger!!! Guess what? I Finally got an iPhone!!! In fact I'm typing on it right now!!
    It may be a little early to say, but...I think I'm in love. : )

    Um...I kinda don't want to know how they discovered that "treatment". O.o

    The X-men trailer looks freaking awesome!!! I <3 James McAvoy. *lusts*

    And as for Arnold? He's always been the terminator and that not gonna change. Haha!

    Not even gonna touch the Scientology business. ; )

  2. Three words...James. McAvoy. Yummy!!!!

  3. Skipping over poo story because...well...*shudders*

    X-Men: Hawt. And was that Kevin Bacon in the middle there?

    HAHA Tom Cruise! This article verifies exactly what I have been saying for years. That Tom is a crazy cult leader who thinks he is God. Shame on you Tom Cruise.
    And Katie...take this as your opportunity to get out. Get. OUT.

    I saw this Old Spice ad for the first time a few days ago and almost gave myself whiplash when I heard that heavenly voice.
    I missed you Old Spice Guy. *drools*