Thursday, February 10, 2011

iForgive Your Sins

Thunderous Thursday to you all, my little gingersnaps! Yesterday was most awesome in the comments department! Yay for the regulars AND the lurkers!

In the news, though an American Bishop has approved the new app "Confession: A Roman Catholic App", the Vatican wants to make it clear that the iPhone app can't really forgive your sins. Though neither can the Vatican, but that's neither here nor there. O_o

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In celebrity news, Willow Smith and her famous parents are remaking the musical "Annie" with Willow playing the lead. In a recent interview, Willow says she thinks Brad Pitt would make a good Daddy Warbucks. Uh, can we take it to a vote? Because I think we would all unanimously vote in his favor. All in favor of Brad Pitt being our own personal Daddy Warbucks... that's what I thought.

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Awww that's so sweet that Victoria Beckham keeps a shirtless pic of her hubby as her iPhone wallpaper but what I really want to know is... WHY IN THE HECK DOES SHE HAVE A $35,000 CUSTOM GOLD IPHONE CASE? Seriously? $35,000? For just gold? That crap better be encased in diamonds if I'm gonna pay $35,000. And seriously? Pay that much for an iPhone case? Does she know that the iPhone only cost $500? *pats my own very acceptable $14 iPhone case*

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And now it's time for... DAMN YOU AUTOCORRECT!!!

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Hey, WTF??!!

fashion fail - You Sure Did!
see more Poorly Dressed

I don't think he beat Anorexia. I think he ate Anorexia.

And that's all the time I have for today. Today's assignment: Work the word "valetudinarian" into a sentence. And until tomorrow, there's something you should know...

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Hmmm.... Mr. Ginger is a gamer (in the U.S.) and he is currently 35.



  1. As I often do, I have to disagree with Pope Benedict XVI...I have met many truly wonderful people (I'm "looking" at you @gsnaps) through virtual contact and think my life would be less full without them. Besides he may not want to go on about "direct human contact" before he cleans up his on-going messes. O_o

    I wouldn't mind taking a crack at calling Brad Pitt "Daddy" (or any other name he wants to be called);)

    I love that you used the more risqué DYAC selection. That one is a keeper!

    Alas, Raouf is not a valetudinarian and instead allowed his controlled by diet diabetes to become insulin-dependent diabetes.

  2. Brad Pitt can be my Daddy Warbucks any day of the week!

    Um, tomorrow I go back to work (only a 4 hour shift) for the first time since the baby was born. I know I will be surrounded by one old valetudinarian after another. Who will also make me look at their poop/pee/vomit/snot to "confirm" how sick they are.


  3. I find fault with the article calling Willow Smith "Precociously fierce.' Precocious perhaps. But she can't be fierce until she's at least 18. Fact.

    ooh, I'm close to the average, I'm a 33 year old female gamer...woot woot!

  4. I don't care what the Vatican says, I'm still not going to church. :P

    I've heard Brad is kinda smelly. #justsayin

    Victoria Beckham...Really? $35K on a case? Really? I can buy a car, hell, 2 cars with that! Really?! Gold scratches and dings easily, so why would you choose that? Also, so not in fashion, Ms. Fashionista. Why not platinum? Titanium? If you are going to waste your money, why not go the whole hog?! Really?!!?

    I. Love. Autocorrect.

  5. Girl, you know I love you, and I know your blog is for fun and entertainment, but as a devout, practicing Catholic I can't just let this post pass me by without setting the record straight.

    Catholics do not believe anyone but God forgives sins. Confession is probably one of the most widely misunderstood aspects of the church, and I am not going to go into a long drawn-out explanation here (although I would be glad to elaborate if you'd like...just email me), but I just want you to know: We absolutely do NOT believe that priests, the pope, the Vatican or ANYONE else can forgive our sins. Just God. period. :)

  6. Allison, thank you for taking the time to set the record straight re: Catholics. I'm glad to hear it!