Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hey Hey it's the Geriatric Monkees!

Tribal Tuesday to you all, my little gingersnaps. Hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend. I would've had a better holiday had the battle station inside my reproductive system not decided to remind me it is fully operational. (clever use of TMI, no?)

In the news, a couple in Mission Viejo, CA say they found the image of Jesus in their wooden rocking chair they were planning on throwing out. Maybe Jesus didn't want them to throw out the old rocking chair. Or maybe it's not Jesus. Maybe it's the image of some old homeless guy who wants them to throw it out so he can have it. Doh! Didn't think about that, did you?

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In aging rocker news, the Monkees are reuniting (minus Mike Nesmith) for their 45th anniversary tour. There was a time when you wouldn't have found a bigger Monkees fan than myself (I discovered them the second time around during re-runs). I had all their albums, even the weird "Head" one. And you'll NEVER win if if you compete against me in Rock Band with a Monkees song. However... I can't help but think this time the whistle of the dentures will add a new element to their music. "Hey Hey We're Incontinent" doesn't quite have the same ring to it, does it?

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A "source" (read: not their reps or the actors themselves) has confirmed to Us Weekly that Alex Pettyfer and his live-in girlfriend Dianna Agron have split. I wonder if this is the same "source" that confirmed two weeks ago that the two were engaged.

I'm just going to choose to ignore this until official word comes out. I just watched "I Am Number 4" over the weekend and I think these two should get married and have beautiful little babies together. I like it here in my world. Everything is sparkly and rainbows and the sky is purple.

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Uh oh... the Poprocksies caught John Travolta vacationing without his hair piece. OMG, alert the presses!!! John, we hardly recognized you without your beard rug.

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Oh yes, whew! This is how we are used to seeing you. Uh, John... we wouldn't care so much if you didn't care so much. The fact that you go to such lengths to hide your follicly challenged head, is silly. Embrace the baldness.

When you embrace it, it's sexy. Think Sting. Think Bruce Willis. Think Sting. (below with his wife) Yowza. Instead, you just look ridiculous. I'm talking to you too Brendan Frasier, Ted Danson, Gene Simmons, Nicholas Cage. Some of you baldies (Jeremy Priven, William Shatner, Matthew McConaughy, David Spade, Gordon Ramsay, and Tom Hanks) look just fine with your rugs/hair transplants. I will neither confirm nor deny that Chuck Norris uses a rug. Because he's Chuck Norris and he can do whatever he wants. And also because I don't crave death by roundhouse kick.

And now it's time for... DAMN YOU AUTOCORRECT.

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That is quite possibly my favorite DYAC I've seen to date.

Hey, WTF??!!

fashion fail - Little Bo Creep
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I really don't want to know where Little Bo Peep's sheep have gone. This gentleman reminds me of the 6'5 burly man in drag, I spotted in the women's bathroom at the cinema this weekend. Actually he wasn't so much in drag, as the fact that he was just wearing makeup and earrings with men's clothing. Color me confused when I was in the stall hearing him talk to a friend and I had a brief panic that I had walked into the wrong bathroom by accident. #OnlyinLA

And that's all the time I have for today. Find one annoying thing about your coworker today, and try to top it. And until tomorrow, here's some food for thought...

McDonald's has unique menu items in every country. In Portugal, you can order soup!

More examples: in India (where much of the population does not eat beef) the restaurant offers such fare as the Chicken Maharaja Mac and the potato-patty McAloo Tikki Burger. This does not mean that McDonald’s has replaced its traditional offerings in these locations - they merely supplement their menu with a bit of localized flair in many places. You can order the popular Caldo Verde soup in Portugal, a Quiche de Queljo in Brazil, and have some Red Bean Pie for dessert in Hong Kong (yes, red beans are a common dessert item there). Italian McDonald's restaurants use local cheese producers for its Parmigiano Reggiano burger, and in France they serve a burger on a stone oven-baked Ciabatta roll.

It’s good to see that Mickey D’s is mixing things up a bit, we’re just unhappy that each of these items is not preceded with “Mc” - what’s the deal with that?? I want a McQuiche and a McSoup!

Check out this list of the 40 weirdest McDonald's menu items from around the world. Personal favorites include the Banana Pie, Chicken Porridge, the McLobster roll, and the McRice Burger. In Germany, McDonald's sells beer.



  1. In London during Easter they have Cadbury Cream Egg McFlurries...and while kind of snotty and gross looking in ice cream-it was AWESOME!

    That DYAC was awesome!

    We just, like this week, changed our soccer team name to the Green Monkees (b/c our shirts are green, we liked the show Legend of the Hidden Temple AND we like the Monkees)--I think it's kismet that we changed right when they are announcing their reunion tour!

    Poor John Travolta-I think he kind of looks better w/o the rug...He's kind of paunchy anyway-and the really short, balding hair suits him.

  2. I too saw I Am Number Four this weekend, also read the book this weekend..lol
    Bald guys are hot. Bruce Willis is by far the sexiest man on the planet..
    DYAC...so funny..lol
    Little Bo Peep just...I need eye bleach.