Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Weaksauce Wednesday to you all, my gingersnaps. Why weaksauce? Cause I'm phoning it in and simply giving you random facts about me instead of a whole post. But I will attempt to placate you by giving you my favorite picture of myself ever...

And now... for the random facts...

1. In my childhood, I was forced to take took piano, flute and alto saxophone lessons. I was first chair in the school band and almost never practiced. I faked reading music and instead played by ear.

2. I do not like meat with bones. I do not like meat with fruit. I do not like cooked fruit.

3. I was raised Christian, but was never celebrated Christmas with Santa Claus. Consequently I have no warm fuzzies toward him and don't celebrate Santa Claus with my kids.

4. When I first met Mr. Ginger, I told him I only dated half Mexican/half Polynesian men. He replied, "What a coincidence!".

5. The first guy I who ever took me out on a date is now gay. Draw your own conclusions.

Okay, now each of you leave me a comment and tell me a random fact about yourselves. Hey you lurkers, I'm talking about you too!



  1. That picture of you always cracks me up. Okay, enough about you.

    1. I don't eat meat with bones currently in it.

    2. My dad use to catch baby alligators when I was kid and would put them in our bathtub. We would play with them and then release them.

    3. I started a "cussing club" when I was 5 with the kids in my neighborhood. We would just sit around and say the filthiest stuff ever.

    4. I sang for Stevie B. when I was 13 and he wanted me to call his manager because he thought I could get a record deal. I chickened out but made the local newspaper.

    5. When I was little, I thought Christie Brinkley was my mom b/c I didn't look like either of my parents.

    There you go!!

  2. 1) I am one of ten children. Number nine to be exact.

    2) I have a learning disability that was not discovered till I was out of high school.

    3) I am studying for my second bachlors degree.

    4) I am dating a younger man that I met online in a game. He is the best thing that has happened to me.

    5) I am going to be 33 in March and look like I am about 21, no joke.

  3. I'll stop lurking :P

    1. The first boy I ever kissed is gay too! Fab guy, but I should have known--he had great hair and looked way too good in pink.

    2. I wanted to be a Dallas Cowboy's Cheerleader when I grew up.

    3. I'm 36, but everyone I teach with thinks I'm right out of college (which is somewhat true--I got my MA last summer)

    4. I worked as a telemarketer--for less than 8 hours. I quit at lunch.

    5. One of the girls I taught in my first 5th grade class had high aspirations. She wanted to be a pole dancer in a strip club when she grew up.

  4. Hey there.

    I don't eat anything that has ever had a face. My family raised its own beef and my grandpa was a butcher. One of the last things he ever said to me was "Sweetie, I still have no idea where you came from."

    I have trained my four year old daughter to tell any who ask that I was a child bride and am only 26.

    My favorite gift ever was a bug sucker. Now I can suck up the spiders and let them go outside. So they can come right back in. lol

    There is more, but it is only 5am here....

  5. One question...Did you fall immediately after this photo was taken? It looks like you are juuuust about to bite it.

    1. I took piano and violin from childhood through high and was in the colour guard of a marching band (read: I was a complete nerd).

    2. I don't like meat with skin or bones and will eat nothing that comes out of the fish, no lobster, no crab, no shrimp etc. My Egyptian husband makes me leave the room when he wants the kids to try something new because he insists they will not eat it if they see my expression.

    3. I am the 4th of 5 kids. Numbers 1,2 and 5 are my parents' biological kids and me and number 3 were adopted (2 years apart).

    4. I HATE being a passenger in a car and will always offer to be the driver. When we go out as a family I drive, not my husband. We have done as much as 16 hours of driving in one day (home to Myrtle Beach, SC) and I drove the entire time. It's the only thing I am a control freak about.

    5. I grew up in the Anglican Church, my husband is Coptic Orthodox. We got married in a Greek Orthodox Church. My son was Baptised Greek Orthodox, my daughter Coptic Orthodox. They both attend Catholic School and serve at the altar in the Catholic Church. Their Youth Group (which we LOVE) and Summer Bible Camp are run by a Gospel church and the sleepaway camp they attend is run by Mennonites. Our theory is that they will find their own relationship with God and will decide where and how they would like to Worship.

  6. I do not like cooked fruit, either. I only recently started liking fruit pies (mostly berry), but still don't like large chunks of cooked fruit like in apple or peach pie.

    When I was in 8th grade, my drama teacher announced in front of the whole school that I was the best audition for the lead in the play. However, I was "too tall" to play the heroine. So she had to have another round of auditions for the female lead. If I wasn't 13 and already self-conscious about myself and especially my height, I would have started being self-conscious then.

    The part I did get in said play, I lost, because I couldn't read the director's handwriting on the rehearsal schedule and I missed too many rehearsals.

    I used to want to be an actor or singer when I grew up, and I didn't know how I would manage to become famous while keeping my clothes within the strict dress code enforced by my parents.

    I have had 2 men propose to me so that I could be a mom to their kids from another woman. Mr. Graceling did not have any children when we got married, but he will go from 0 to 3 (one by birth, 2 by adoption) within 18 months of our wedding. Maybe I married him so he could be a dad to my kids? Hmmmm:)

  7. 1. Joss Whedon is the reason I'm a feminist...not because he enlightened me, but because I didn't know dudes could be until he said he was.

    2. I love me some fried okra.

    3. While working on art projects, I like to listen to videogame music. The general mood/placement of the song effects my creativity and where I go with things. I also do this while driving and it controls (to a point) my speed.

    4. I'm not illiterate, but I have trouble reading because I go on tangents and make the characters go places and do things the writer didn't design them to do.

    5. As masculine as it isn't, I like watching sad movies because I feel like sadness is the emotion I can feel the most.

    6. (bonus) GSnaps is the first person I've ever genuinely cared about on Twitter.

  8. 1. I graduate high school a year early, while being involved in, Drama, Marching Band, and a Literary magazine.

    2. I have a bachelor's degree, which I also completed in three years, in mortuary science.

    3. I lost my best friend *read sister* to suicide and it changed my world completely. And gave my life a new mission.

    4. The idea of being a mom scares the ever loving shit out of me. Not because Im scared of being a bad mom though.

  9. First, I love all the random facts and the lurkers joining in!! James, you made my day with your #6 comment! And I too, love fried okra. YUM!

    Ashleigh, next time you're out, I wanna hear you sing!

    Ellie, I had no idea you were one of 10!

    TheGirl, *high five* for turning our first dates gay! *wink*

    Rebecca, you are a genius. I need to train my 5 year old to say the same thing about me!

    I did not know your hubby was Egyptian, but that explains your last name! And I loved the fact about all the different denominations you're involved in. My mom was raised Mennonite! My cousins are too. And I don't think I knew you were adopted! How did I not know?

    Graceling, you're the first person I've ever met that also doesn't dig cooked fruit! *high five* And how tall are you? It's only a matter of time before we meet in person, and I feel the need to prepare you that I'm only 5'3.

    Lisa, How interesting re: your degree in mortuary science! And I'm really sorry about your best friend. Suicide sucks. Just lost a friend to it a couple of weeks ago.

  10. HAHA Carolyn-I wondered the same! :)

    1. I had the opposite issue with Piano-I read music pretty well so I could cheat not practicing for a couple of weeks - my piano teacher eventually caught on and told my mom that if I didn't start actually practicing she was going to give me the boot.

    2. I was a child model in a drug-free Illinois campaign when I was 4 or 5. I got to fly different kites all day and they stuck me way high in a tree and I cried and cried. What a little diva.

    3. If Mommie Dearest is on, I must stop what I'm doing it and watch it through to the end.

  11. Oh yes! I forgot to say YES I totally ate it after that picture was taken. My brother took that picture as I was flying through the air, rather than rushing to my aid. But boy am I glad he did because it makes me giggle every time I see it. But I landed hard, on my face (while wearing glasses). Yeouch!

  12. That picture is hilarious. I also want to know if you fell right after that.

    1. There is 24 years age difference between me and my little sister. She is 6, I am 30. My own child is 12 which makes the two of them more like sisters than anything.

    2. My junior high English teacher once told me I wasn't good enough to take a certain English class in high school. I took it anyway, passed it and am now a published author. Everyday I wish I could find that teacher and tell him that his job was to encourage me, not discourage me. I can only imagine how many other kids believed in his words instead of in themselves.

    3. I have not had my natural hair color, or any natural shade, since I was 13, though I've had every color of the rainbow at some point.

    4. I also hate cooked fruit, lol. I also eat very little pork or beef. I'm more of a chicken and fish kind of person.

    5. I have a thing for musicians. I've dated several and am currently engaged to one.

    This was fun Ginger. :)

    Oh and James, I think it's more mascualine that you feel and embrace sadness than if you were to block it out.

  13. Ah just saw your comment about the fall. Lol. Sorry to hear it hurt but that picture is priceless. :D

  14. Hi, Ginger!! That pic is so great!! I love it. I guess I'll share a bit...

    1. I can totally relate to that pic cause I am NOTORIOUSLY CLUMSY and injure myself often. Current injury: broken collarbone. Received while snowboarding. And a bruise from running into a door.

    2. I partially blame my clumsiness on my height. I'm 5'10 1/2" and have been since 8th grade (10 years ago). I think I hit that awkward, limbs-are-too-long-to-control stage and never really left it!

    3. I also took piano. And flute, but only in Elementary school. My mom was (and still is) a piano teacher, so my "rebellion" was to stop playing piano. I haven't played really since high school.

    4. I play a bit of guitar. One that my dad made for me, actually. It's gorgeous! Show it off every chance I get! : )

    5. In my 24 years, I have never dyed my hair. Ever. But I WAS blonde until I was 3. Now I'm a very dark brunette.

    Well, there's a bit about me. Hope you'll do this more often! Later, hot stuff!! :D

  15. 1. I was born in Hawaii in a pink hospital

    2. I like to watch sad movies like James because sometimes I just want to cry to "get it out"

    3. I like watching the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders: Making the team show because I like to watch when the girls get cut and it devastates them (I lol)

    4. I have worked as a pharmacist in a retail setting for 15 years and yet i am still amazed at how idiotic people are

  16. I thought I was the only freak that didn't celebrate Santa Claus...Or the easter bunny...Or the tooth fairy.
    I liked Mr. Ginger's response!

  17. Ginger, since I totally plan to meet you IRL sooner rather than later (was just talking to Mr. Graceling about this plan last night), I thank you for preparing me.

    I am 5'11". I am taller than pretty much everyone, including my hubby. (Except my brother who is just shy of 6'6".)

  18. I know..I'm late. Boo on me! I love all these facts about everyone.

    1) I love all meat..bones, no bones, seafood, lamb, birds, gators, elk..whatever. I've even had...rabbit. *GASP* Sorry G!

    2) I loved cooked peaches with pork chops. My mom has an amazing recipe and they are to die for.

    3) I, too, have smooched with a gay guy, but we both knew he was gay. He's my best friend & I heart him tremendously!

    4) I took drum lessons for 6 months. I cannot read music at. ALL.

    5) While there are a lot of blogs I love, this is the first one I got attached to and the only one I try to make sure I read every day. Ssshhhh...don't tell the others!

  19. Graceling, I will make sure to bring a soapbox for me to stand on when we finally have our historic meeting!

    ChristineMarie, I think I love you for your #5. *blushing*

  20. JellyBeanRainbow says....

    Late to the party, but here we go:

    1. I'm a huge music fan, but I don't know complete words to any song, even if it is from my favourite musician.

    2. My favourite quote is from a movie Home Alone and it goes (kind of, read above) like this: "Heeey, I'm 10 years old, TV is my life!" To insert my real age into the quote would be really sad.

    3. When I go shopping for clothes , I always notice the striped Ts or sweaters first. I tend to buy the same stuff over and over again.

    4. I like to walk around big cities and watch up and take pictures or skyscrapers touching the sky.

    5.Ginger is my hero. I like her family and I like her pets. I like she's sharing it with us. I like one of her kids a little more than the others, because he looks like I always imagined my son would look if I had one.