Monday, February 28, 2011

The Drink of Champions

Manic Monday to you all, my little gingersnaps! Did you watch the Academy Awards? Yeah me neither. So... how about a day of non-Oscar news?

In New Zealand, they are now selling "healthy energy boosters" that are made from the semen of stallions. They are $10/shot and will come in flavors such as cherry, licorice or banoffee pie (WTF?) flavors. They say, "Think of it as a milkshake. It's all safe. We're doing it the way breeders do, using an artificial vagina and storing it in the formula they use."

I had plenty of wise comments on this, all of which were shot down by Mr. G as being "inappropriate". So I will say nothing.

Source: aolnews

In other news, it seems the Hunger Games people are also seeking Alex Pettyfer to play the lead male role "Peeta". And we already know the Mortal Instruments people want him to play "Jace". I don't really see what the conflict is all about. Why don't we take all the literary boyfriends in our head and have Alex Pettyfer play them all? Jace, Peeta, Prince Ash, Patch, Ethan, Roiben, heck let's have them re-shoot twilight and have him play Edward. He can just be our universal literary boyfriend!

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Please tell me this is not true... no no no no no. I'm all for the Old Spice Guy going ginger, but this is not the way!!!

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Speaking of unnatural... There's nothing iNatural about these boobs. But "Busty Heart" sure has a unique talent.

Thanks Carolyn!

We've done "Damn You Autocorrect". But they have a sister sight called "Parents Shouldn't Text" that's equally hilarious. Check it out...

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Hey, WTF??!!!

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Not exactly my top choice of fragrances when I consider putting on perfume in the morning.

And that's all the time I have for today. Have a fantastic start to your week, and if you feel things start to not go your way, try using "rubicund" in a sentence, which will be sure to chance your day around. Until tomorrow, here's something you should know...

Charlie Chaplin’s dead body was dug up and held for ransom for over two months.

Weird story, but it's been fact-checked by Snopes and and it's totally true!

Chaplin died on Christmas Day in 1977 at the ripe old age of 88. This did not mean that he would ‘rest in peace’ right away, unfortunately. Nine weeks after his burial, a pair of Eastern European men dug up his coffin and hid it in a hole about 10 miles away. The men proceeded to call Chaplin’s family with ransom demands as high as $600,000! Chaplin’s wife refused to give in to their demands, but continued to bargain with them so the police could trace their call. The caller, a Polish mechanic, was eventually caught at a pay phone and the police recovered Charlie’s body soon after. The two criminals were charged with seven and a half years in prison for extortion and “disturbing the peace of the dead.”

-OMG Facts



  1. I did actually watch the Oscars...had a watching party to boot, but I'll move ;)

    The NZ energy drink totally made me gag -I need brain bleach to get the thought of it out! And I love how it says it's going to be "tastefully" done. Really? Is that feasible?

    I get the Alex Pettyfer business, but seriously, he needs to stop getting offered all of these YA roles. He's not Peeta. Being blonde does not make a Peeta.

    I love Parents Shouldn't Text! HAHA!

    Oh, so random story that is sort of DYAC, but in real life. So, I guess it'd be, damn you poor hearing, DYPH? I was talking with a friend in Sunday School with my husband standing next to me and she says, "I think you're a closet Derby Girl waiting to get out." And I respond with, "HA! That's funny, b/c Charlie (the hubs) is always saying I need to check it out!" On the way home he tells me, "So, I thought she said you were a closet 'DIRTY' girl, and I thought that was weird enough, but then you said that I always say you need to check it out, and I thought that was really really weird and inappropriate, especially at church! But, then I realized you were talking about Roller Derby, not being dirty." I cracked up and thought of DYAC :)

  2. YAY! No Oscars! And no, I didn't watch. I watched Goodfellas. And I will watch Fashion Police later for the important stuff.

    Horse semen? *gag* Just because it's something no one would eat, doesn't mean it's a delicacy. That's disgusting. *gag* Can I get pregnant from this? If so, would I have a centaur? *gag* I would *gag* just watching someone else drink it....omg..I'm gonna lose my breakfast just thinking about it...*gag* next topic...

    Kathy Griffin? You go, girl! This may be a stunt. Just like Levi was. It's like mutual press for them.

    I'm confused about the boobs. Her hand was under her boob every time. Was it her hand breaking all that stuff? What is she, Criss Angel?

    Also, you cannot yell at me when I use Parents Shouldn't Text on my #DailyGiggle cuz I've been using them first! :P lol! I did that to avoid using DYAC. You should also check out Wrong Number Texts..OMG.

  3. Picksee, your random story cracked me up! LMAO!!

    ChristineMarie, I watched the boob video a few times, and at first I thought she was using her hand, but if you watch closely, she's got her boob between her hand and the item to be crushed. So she's using the force of her hand with her boob in between. She must have NO feeling at all in those boobs. All I could think of was... isn't she worried about busting her implants??? Apparently not.

  4. The horse baby gravey drink makes me want to vomit. Icky icky icky.
    Is it bad Im jealous of Kathy Griffin, the Old Spice Dude is awesome!
    I love parents shouldnt text. Reminds me of my

  5. We did not watch the Oscars either. Instead we watched a re-broadcast of the Canada vs USA Men's hockey Gold medal game from last years' Olympics. Yes, we are THAT Canadian!

    How much fun is it that we are "studying" the boob video to figure out how she could crush those things without being in pain! I can't imagine how bruised she was after that demonstation. Not that I was studying too hard but...did you notice that her boobs are not the same size? It looks like one may have had a rupture already!

    I'm still trying to think of something that is not R-rated to say about the horse semen drink but it's not going well. ;)