Friday, February 18, 2011

Do It Like Kentucky

Fortuitous Friday to you all, my little gingersnaps! You're probably excited for the weekend, but you know why I'm excited? Today is the day Dobby arrives. You remember Dobby... my new hairless ginger kitty!

It will be a momentous occasion when Dobby meets Winky. Kind of like when Harry met Sally but if Harry and Sally were cats. And naked.

In the news, an Iowa high school wrestler gives up his chance for a wrestling championship by refusing to wrestle his female opponent. While he says he has the utmost respect for his opponent and her accomplishments, his reasons for forfeiting the game are, that wrestling is a contact sport and can get violent at times, and doesn't believe in body slamming a girl. He is homeschooled and from a Christian family and says he wasn't raised to interact with a girl that way.

So... he gave up his chance at a championship because he's a gentleman. I can respect that. My brother, on the other hand, was captain of the wrestling team in high school. I can attest first hand to the fact that he had no problem body slamming girls. Namely me. On a daily basis. If I still sound bitter, it's because I am. (he's the one who is married to my evil SIL, which honestly is probably enough payback for all he did to me growing up)

Source: foxnews

Congrats to Rod Stewart for becoming a father again, at the ripe old age of 66. This is his 7th child, through various women. So, when this son graduates from high school, he will be 84 years old. EIGHTY FOUR. Just think... when he's old enough to drive, Rod most likely will be too old to drive, so he'll get to chauffeur his dad to doctor appointments after his sweet sixteen birthday.

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Up and coming actress Jennifer Lawrence (yeah I had no idea who she was either) is nominated for an Oscar in the independent film "Winter's Bone". Though she currently lives in Los Angeles, she says in a recent interview that the fact that she was raised in Kentucky means that little redneck things still come out in her, for example, the fact that she's attracted to her brother. Yes, you read that right. She apparently is now the official spokeswoman for Kentucky and sibling love. Any Kentuckian readers out there? Is this a statewide thing? O_o

Source: omg

Amanda Seyfried (from the soon to be released "Red Riding Hood") and Ryan Phillippe have split after dating for 3 months. This news came out after published reports of him hitting on (and getting rejected by) Rihanna at a nightclub. He reportedly found some brunette to go home with instead. Honestly? After Ryan famously cheated on his wife at the time, Reese Witherspoon, and then was eventually dumped by the girl he cheated with because she was tired of his philandering ways... I think it's safe to say you know what you're getting yourself into with Ryan. Just like Mario Lopez. A Tiger can't change his stripes. (yes I know it's cheetah and spots, but I felt "Tiger" was a more appropriate analogy)

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Introducing Klepto Kitty, who has been stealing from the neighbors for years and keeps bringing the loot home to his family.

My dad and stepmom had a cat just like this. I'd feed their animals when they went out of town. Instead of stealing from the neighbors, he'd just get into my stepmom's lingerie drawer and bring her entire lingerie collection downstairs and display it across the living room floor. Talk about something I did NOT want to think about in relation to my dad. (ick!) And then I'd have to gather up the lingerie daily and put it back in her bedroom. #awkward

And now it's time for... DAMN YOU AUTOCORRECT!!!


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Hey, WTF??!!

fashion fail - Momma Needs A Shave
see more Poorly Dressed

I think the real reason those kids aren't really smiling is because they're terrified of their mother's mustache. Seriously, did she not notice the hair growing on her upper lip? Perhaps she's proud of it. It does distract from the calico business she's got going on in her hair.

And that's all the time I have for today. Have a better than average weekend, and I'll be back with more nonsense on Monday. Until then, be safe, don't do anything I would do, and try to work "libation" into a sentence. Oh and one more thing...

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  1. I love that you compared Ryan Phillipe with Mario Lopez because I feel the same way about both of them. Mildly good looking, barely talented actors who can't keep it in their pants.

    Also, did you hear that Mario Lopez is writing children's books now? *gags*