Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm Baaaaaaaaack

Merciful Monday, gingersnaps, I'm back! It's really me, in the flesh. I have to say it would've been easier to stay away and fill my days with raising and homeschooling three children. But where's the fun in that??? Unfortunately in these tough economic times, during the time that I was away, I had to let go of Willa the Weatherwoman who gave you all sorts of wonderful oddball city names and their corresponding weather. Also, I could no longer pay the electricity bill for the 405 traffic cam, so I'm afraid I am back sans weather and traffic. But I am still here to bring the stories!

In the news, a New Zealand woman was partially paralyzed when her over-amorous lover gave her a super-sized hickey. The woman went to the ER with complaints of loss of movement in her left arm. Doctors determined she suffered a mild stroke triggered by the location of the hickey, on her neck near a major artery. That dude has some powerful lips. And seriously? A guy giving a hickey to a 44 year old woman? Do people still do that out of high school? Maybe only in New Zealand.

Source: foxnewshealth

You may have heard about Starbucks introducing new sizes for drinks. For those who didn't think the 591 ml Venti was enough, there will soon be the choice of upsizing to the Trenta! Slightly relevant information: The average capacity of the human stomach is 900ml. The Trenta has 916ml. For those of you who have done the quick math in your head, the Trenta has 16ml MORE than the average capacity of the human stomach. Now that's assuming you didn't buy a yummy pumpkin scone to go along with it. In that case, stand back because that woman is about to blow!!!

Remember Little Twilight Riding Hood Red Riding Hood? It's still scheduled for March 11, release but they just released a new trailer. Check it out.

Oh you know I'm going to see it for Gary Oldman alone if nothing else. Now... for news that made me completely silent with a permagrin on my face, while staring at the computer screen. (picture the kids with their frozen smiles on Angel's "Smiletime" episode) Yep that was me when I heard this news...

Ladies and gentlemen... it is being reported (pleasepleasepleaseplease let this be an accurate source) that the role of Jace Wayland in the film version of the Mortal Instruments Book series has been offered to.... ALEX PETTYFER! *thud*

Okay guys, this is the same guy in February's movie "I Am Number Four". And if you've never seen it, years ago he was in Alex Rider "Stormbreaker", which is a fun, FUN spy/action movie for your kids who can handle a little PG suspense/violence. Rent it! You will love him in it. AND see why he's perfect for the role.

Now I'm just going to assume that every single one of my readers have already read the Mortal Instruments Trilogy. (City of Bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass) and the Prequel "Clockwork Angel" and have pre-ordered the upcoming 4th Mortal Instruments book (yes I know I said it was a trilogy... it used to be!) City of Fallen Angels.

People, if you have not done all of those things, Drop. Everything. Now. Start with the Mortal Instruments Trilogy. It's better than Twilight. Better writing, strong woman lead, sarcastic-not-emo male lead, and lots of supernatural action! And oh, the romance!!

I'm gonna make it easy for you.

(the prequel "Clockwork Angel" was written after "The Mortal Instruments" but you can start with either one.)

*peeks around* Have I convinced you yet? What more will it take people?! Ok, I'll calm down. Just stare at the picture of Alex Pettyfer while you're thinking about it. Yes I know he's got inappropriate use of facial hair in that picture, but I assure you he will be smooth as a baby's bottom as Jace!

Source: JustJaredJr

And now it's time for... BLAST YOU AUTOCORRECT!!! Say what? Yes, actually this wasn't taken from that site I like to share from. This was Mr. Ginger's very own texting with his gaming buddy Chris. He did submit it to that site, but while we're waiting for it to show up there, I'm sharing it here first!

Source: Mr. Ginger

Hey, WTF??!!! It's Russian Roulette for kids! "The player points the gun at his or her own head and pulls the trigger. Instead of bullets, a pair of feet kick out from the barrel (which is shaped like a pink hippo) If the gun doesn't fire, the player earns points."

wtf photos videos - MAU! MAU! DIDI MAU!
see more WTF Pictures and WTF videos by Picture Is Unrelated

Oh yeah, I think that's a great idea to share with kids in a society where the suicide rate is at an all time high. Did I say "great"? Cause I meant "stupid".

And that's all the time I have for you today. Try to relax on our first day back. I don't have any strange requests of you today, so just enjoy the moment. I'm back and I'll be here again tomorrow. (barring any unforeseen events not limited to blackout, internet failure, house burning down, apocalypse, rapture, etc) But until then... here might be an extra fun way to try to stick to that new years resolution to lose weight!

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  1. Welcome back!

    The Red Riding Hood has me torn-it does have Gary Oldman...and the song they play in that trailer is Nine Inch Nails, which is my favorite...but I can't not think of The Village meets Sleepy Hollow when I see the previews.

    We played against a goalie in soccer last week that looked very much like Alex Pettyfer-I kept calling him Number 4. No one on my team got it and they kept saying, "That's not his number." Sigh.

    I'm almost convinced of the Mortal Instruments series. I'm not sure what my hesitancy is. I think I hate the names of the books. I'm not sure why, but I do. BUT, I just read Zombies v. Unicorns (I highly recommend that!) and one of the better stories is by Cassandra Clare--so that plus the plug here might push me over the edge! :)

  2. Yay! Seeing a new post this morning (almost) makes me forget that it is -30C with the windchill AND snowing. Mother Nature has moved way past THAT word into new variations of 401 words (or in your case, 405 words).

    About Alex Pettyfer...Is it wrong that I ordered "I am Number Four" from Scholastic for my 13 year-old just because he is on the cover? No? Good!

    I'll have to check out "The Mortal Instruments" series. I remember how much you enjoyed them during a stressful time.

    Looking forward to checking back again tomorrow. :)

  3. Yea! So glad you are back!

    Um, Alex Pettyfer IS Jace. He is exactly how I imagined Jace all along. It must happen. And then I must see the movies.

    Also, why did I not know there was a prequel and a 4th book coming out? WHY???!!!

  4. Carolyn, your memory astonishes me.

    Picksee, why are you still holding out???

    Graceling, yes there is a prequel! (set in Victorian/steampunk era) It's going to at least be a trilogy.

    I'm thinking I need to do a giveaway you guys.

  5. Hi, Ginger!!! I've missed you!!!

    So, I admit, I have no idea what Mortal Instruments is but if I can picture that guy Alex as a character, it's gotta be good. He is HAWT!!!

    I can't even imagine the calories of my favorite Starbucks drink in the Trenta size. My heart is clogging just thinking about it!

    Love ya!

  6. YAY! Your back! and apparently I'm behind in the reading must go bookstore haunting soon.

  7. Yay!!! So happy to see you again, Ginger!! I super missed you a lot and stuff. : )

    Um, so...Alex is TOTALLY PERFECT FOR JACE!!!!! This better be true, cause I just might freak out...either way actually, but truth would make it a more positive freak-out. haha!

    Hey, guess what!?! I broke my collarbone while snowboarding!! Yay!! Oh, it sucks a lot and quite painful. BUT "healing up" means more sleeping (yay) and reading (super yay!). Currently, "Anna and the French Kiss". You reviewed that right? I'm super freakin LOVING IT!! have YOU been, Ginger?