Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hotel Clausterphobia

Whimsical Wednesday to you all, my little gingersnaps! What a great turnout we had for our giveaway! I hope your hump day is going swimmingly. As always, watch out for overzealous dogs today. And let's see what's going on in the news today...

A new Shanghai Capsule Hotel has opened, with an interesting concept as you can see from the pictures. It consists of 68 "capsules" and separates the capsule rooms into "snoring zones" to minimize conflict between the snorers and the light sleepers. Prices range from $1/hour to $13/night. Why on earth would you want to rent it out for just one hour? I mean if you're thinking of doing the Horizontal Hustle, don't you mind that the doors are glass? Do they have zones for that too? O_o

So tell me, would YOU stay there? Holy Clausterphobia, Batman, I don't think I could.

Source: huffingtonpost

So... do you want to meet Alex Pettyfer in person? Because he's going to make appearances (with his girlfriend, *gag*) at various Hot Topics to promote their upcoming movie, "I Am Number Four".

I know, I know, third day in a row I've mentioned Alex Pettyfer. You people are going to start thinking I'm obsessed with the boy. I'm not really. okay maybe a little

Source: JustJaredJr

In other news, Ice T's son was arrested for indecent exposure the other night. There's some different reports as to whether he was just relieving himself, vs. relieving (winkwinknudgenudge) himself outside a club.

Call me crazy, but I can't help but think he's not the only one in the Ice T family that should be arrested for indecent exposure. *cough*lumpylopsidedimplantsoffendingmyeyes*cough*

Source: Huffingtonpost

Here's some exciting Harry Potter news... Harry Potter 7 & 1/2 DVD release date has been set (for the UK) for April 11th. No release date announced yet for the U.S. but I'm guessing it's got to be before July, which means if you're really really crazy (like me) you can watch part I right before you leave for the midnight premiere of Harry Potter 7 and 3/4!

Source: JustJaredJr

Just when you start to worry about the state of this world and the economy, something wonderful comes along to lift your spirits. I'm talking this... frozen pizza that comes with chocolate chip cookie dough!!! Ah, the powers that be are trying to send us a message that everything will turn out alright in the end. And uh... am I the only one who would forgo the baking and just eat the cookie dough? Ah come on, raw eggs, shmaw eggs... live a little people!

Source: dlisted

Something else I plan to eat before I die (or maybe I will die right after I eat it) is the Cheesy Mac and Rib Sandwich from The Grilled Cheese Truck. (BBQ pork, carmelized onions and sharp cheddar mac n' cheese sammich) It's parked in different locations daily around Los Angeles (weekly schedule is on the website) and I hear you have to wait in line an hour before you get to order, but sometimes something that wrong has GOT to be right. I will keep you informed and will report back when I try it.

Source: thegrilledcheesetruck

And now it's time for... DAMN YOU AUTOCORRECT!!!

Source: damnyouautocorrect (Thanks Carolyn!)

Bwahahahaha! Perhaps those apparent siblings should share that chat with their dad to cheer him up about the Angina. But probably not a good thing to show the mum. That might do her in, if the Angina is really a heart attack. Then they'd have to sue Apple for the loss of their mother due to the iPhone autocorrect feature.

Hey, WTF???!!!

Source: dailymail

I like Twilight (sometimes) too, but day-um, lady! Apparently the UK supermarket worker Cathy Ward, credits her Twilight obsession to helping her lose a bunch of stones (something to do with weight loss... don't ask me, I don't understand stones), so she wants to reward herself/honor Twilight by covering herself with Twilight tattoos. Oh and she's not finished! She has plans to add Twilight tattoos to her arms and Edward Cullen to her stomach. I'm personally thinking someone needs to put her tattoo artist on suicide watch because I don't know how he/she can possibly handle much more of that. Oh and did I mention her husband of 18 years thinks it's hilarious? Uh huh. We do too, Cathy. We do too.

And that's all the time I have for today. Today's assignment: Find a subtle way to annoy your co-worker without them knowing it's you. Report back. Until then, here is something I think you should know...

-OMG Facts


Now about the giveaway. Some of you may have wondered why I am even doing this giveaway. I mean, sure I love these books and I want more people to read them, but what's in it for me? Well I'll tell you. A couple of years ago my husband lost his job. I'm a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom of 3, so we were struggling to make ends meet and I was fairly depressed about it. A very good friend of mine surprised me by ordering me the "City of Bones" book to cheer me up. (first book in Mortal Instruments) It raised my spirits immensely. When I thanked her profusely, she just asked that some day I pay it forward. Well, things are going well for us at the Ginger household right now, so I'm paying it forward. Heck this was so much fun, I think I will do more giveaways like this in the future. Anyway, I'm hoping for those who win these books today, that your spirits are lifted as mine were when my dear friend sent me City of Bones.

And I thank each and every one of you who entered. This was so much fun! I had 28 entries for the "Mortal Instruments" box set, 19 entries for "Clockwork Angel" and 14 entries for "I Am Number Four".

In case you care about fairness, I kept the entries open until midnight Eastern time (my apologies for the late entries who entered after that) and listed everyone's entries like this:

And then I went to to choose the winners for me.

And now, for the winners....

The winner of the "Mortal Instruments" box set goes to....

Ginger @ GReads.

(I know, I had a little chuckle at the name irony there)

The winner of "Clockwork Angel" goes to...

Long-time Gingersnaps reader Carolyn!

And the winner of "I Am Number Four" is...


Congratulations to all the winners and make sure you email me your mailing addresses and I will get those fabulous books out to you right away! (

And thanks again to all the entries and for making this giveaway such a success! You guys rock!


  1. Okay, that bit of buttcrack showing on the twilight lady is perhaps the *most* disturbing part of that whole picture.

    And yea for the giveaways! That was fun! Congrats to all the winners. I fully support doing more giveaways:)

  2. While I'm disappointed I didn't win a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS has to go out to all the winners! Enjoy the books!!!

    And I have to say I would ABSOLUTELY stay at the Capsule Hotel! I love sleeping in places where I feel like I’m enclosed so that is right up my alley. But to be fair I totally get how that wouldn’t be everyone’s bag. Not everyone enjoys a coffin-like sleeping experience like moi!

  3. Oh, and I would *not* stay at the capsule hotel. Too much like a morgue. Yuck. And kind of creepy.

  4. Congrats to da winnahs!! =D

    I would totally sleep in one of those capsules! Or read, or bring my laptop and study(watch stuff on hulu), or hide from loan sharks...

    I will be joining you in the HP7 double feature when the time comes. I'll probably need refreshments...maybe some pizza & cookies...ooh hey! =)

    Going on strickly your word from the last 2 days, I bought City of Bones this afternoon. Seeing as it was Twilight that brought me to you in the first place, and that you said it was better than Twilight, it would be silly of me not to buy it. I will do as you say. :D

    You're a good leader, and your hair is shiny!

  5. I could never sleep in something closed like that. It reminds me of a clear door version of a coroner's locker. Besides, I would have to travel around with my own pillow in my, wait, that's not me, that's YOU! :)

    I don't mind if you would like to talk about Alex Pettyfer again tomorrow and Friday and next Monday...

    I don't even know where to begin with the Twilight tattoo. You have to wonder how she is going to feel in 10 years when she looks at it. I'm guessing pretty ridiculous! I believe that there was a trip to the pub before her first trip to the tattoo parlour. At least I'm hoping there was! I could *almost* understand if she was hammered when she requested it.

    Will you still be my friend if I tell you that I have never seen a Harry Potter movie? My kids have seen the first 3 or 4 but I am a Harry virgin. *ducks head in shame*.

    I am enjoying City of Bones and went out yesterday to pick up City of Ashes and City of Glass while they are still on sale. I'm going to send you an email about Clockwork Angel to remind you of one of your rules. O_o

  6. Ah! I won! How unbelievably awesome?! Thank you SO much! Definitely paying it forward one day ;-)

  7. i think it would be an awesome idea for you to go to the final installment of harry London...with some of your harry potter friends...i am sure hubby would love to send cant wait till they are all over so I can have a harry potter weekend and watch them after the other

  8. Congrats, Winners! I am not bitter at all! Maybe a lil bitter...but still happy for you!

    Sleeping quarters are definitely a morgue. *shivers*

    Raw cookie dough..absolutely! YUM!

    Oh, Twilight lady...smh..weirdo.

  9. The Twilight tattoo is um...extreme. But at least its done well? Lol The crack is a little disturbing
    I would stay in the capsule hotel, looks kind of fun.
    Congrats to all the winners, missed it by one number, damn. But I still cant wait to read those books.
    And I just saw a trailer for I am Number Four. Looks really good, and now i really want to read that one

  10. haha, I was wondering if any of you guys would mention her buttcrack. I guess that's her nod to Buttcrack Santa? ;)

    Carolyn, *gasp* have you not even read the Harry Potter books? The most holy grail of all book series???

    KristinF, your faith in my leadership and book-reading abilities is astounding and much appreciated. *flips my shiny hair back and forth*