Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Book Review "Unearthly" by Cynthia Hand

"Unearthly" by Cynthia Hand is the first book in a trilogy. Clara, a quarter-angel (Quartarius) is just starting to learn her powers when she has her first vision. Her mother, a half-angel, moves the family to Wyoming to help Clara fulfill her purpose in life, as shown through her vision. As Clara gets settled into her new town, she makes new friends Angela, Wendy and Wendy's twin brother Tucker, as well as the mysterious guy Christian, who is the object of Clara's visions. While her mother keeps reminding Clara that her vision/purpose is all that matters in her life, she can't help letting real life distract her as she spends more time with Tucker. Also Angela has a secret of her own which has the potential to affect Clara's decisions. When the time comes for Clara to fulfill her purpose, she has a devastating decision to make. Will she make the right one, and if so, what will the consequences be?

This is one of those books that I couldn't put down. I ignored my family and traded sleep just so I could keep reading. I cannot wait until books 2 and 3 are released so I can ignore my family and trade my sleep once again.


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  1. I'm so glad you reviewed this! It was written by a friend of a friend, so I passed it on to her. She'll be so excited!