Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Steamed Beaver

Weathered Wednesday to you all, my gingersnaps. Hoping your second half goes as well as your first half, which is entirely different from your other half.

The weather in Beaverton, Oregon is a rainy 47 degrees today. It's either the city of the 1-ton beaver, or the city of a ton of beavers. Speaking of a ton of beavers, traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper this morning.

In related news, a California spa now features a steam bath for your vajayjay. You squat over a wooden bench with a hole in the middle of it. while steam from a mixture of herbs flows up and soothes the wild beaver. I mean, vajayjay. Apparently this practice has been done for 600 years in Korea and is still regularly practiced by Korean women. So.... you non-Korean women... would you get this done? Uh... I think I'll skip that and go for the relaxation massage.


Source: aolnews

In celebrity news, 50 Cent went around a neighborhood offering to shovel people's driveways for $100/pop. He charges more if you want to take pictures. Not sure if 50 Cent was bored, needed more than 50 Cents or just really likes snow.


Source: JustJared

Ryan Gosling isn't happy that two of his movies are coming out at the same time. In fact, he feels sick about it. He tries not to act too much because he gets sick of himself and assumes we do too. Uh Ryan, honey? Relax. You let us worry about that. You just keep doing what you're doing.


Source: huffingtonpost

And now it's time for.... DAMN YOU AUTOCORRECT!!!


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Hey, WTF??!! Anyone who speaks French care to translate this video? O_o

And that's all the time I have for today. Make sure all your poo lands on the bullseye and watch out for 120 foot tapeworms.

Tapeworms can grow to lengths of 120 feet.
The longest tapeworm to ever be withdrawn from a human was removed from Sally Mae Wallace on September 5, 1991. In all, doctors pulled 37 FEET of tapeworm out through Sally Mae’s mouth! If you think that’s bad, just be glad you’re not a whale - tapeworms in our giant aquatic friends can reach lengths of 120 feet!
-OMG Facts



  1. I'd just like to agree that I am completely sick of seeing that awesomely hot Ryan Gosling...#notreally

    And omg...ew...WTF??? That. Was. Gross.

  2. Did you know we have a Beaverton here in Ontario as well? It is not too far from Bolsover (pronounced Balls-over) which makes my kids laugh every time we drive up to the cottage.

    Since Ryan Golsing is one of my countrymen (much like Ryan Reynolds and Nathan Fillion) I am obligated to say that I will NEVER get tired of seeing him!

  3. Of course spelling "Gosling" wrong means I have to turn in my passport!

  4. hahaha Carolyn! And LOL re: Beaverton and Bolsover!