Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm Jegging To Try Them

Moaning Monday to you all! If you just thought of Moaning Myrtle, *high five* to you! Any cool things happen this past weekend for you guys? Come on... do I really have to beg you to tell me? Let's see, for me there was this one thing... oh, nope... it wasn't cool. Never mind.

I'm very disappointed to tell you that I cannot find anywhere on the internet, the current weather for Disappointment Island. I can tell you it's 5 miles from Auckland Island, but apparently everyone is so disappointed with this island that even Yahoo won't report the weather. I'll tell you what else is a disappointment... the 405, if you were hoping for an easy commute this morning as traffic today is bumper to bumper.

Something that's not disappointing, but rather quite entertaining, is a crosswalk sign in Spokane, Washington that was flipping off pedestrians when it was no longer safe for them to cross. We're told the sign is now fixed, and that the culprit is snow that had been embedded into the sign. Yeah, likely story.

Source: foxnews

In celebrity news, Josh Doucheamel refused to turn off his crackberry after repeatedly being told by flight attendants to do so. He continued to text and at one point even smiled at the attendant who again told him to turn it off. So Doucheamel earned himself a whole plane full of fans, when they had to turn the plane around on the runway and go back to the gate, so he could be escorted off the plane. You're super cool, Josh Doucheamel. Glad the rules of society don't apply to you.

Source: people

Did you ever find yourself thinking... self? I wish I could bid on a pair of Queen Elizabeth II's panties. Well, today is your lucky day! A man in Florida (who has had these panties for 40 years) is auctioning them off. He got them from a friend after they were left on a private plane when the Queen visited Chile in 1968. He's hoping to get around $9000 for them. I think it's the brown spots that give it that extra charm. O_o

Source: TMZ

Just go ahead and freeze me in a block of ice next to the Ice Man, because before I saw this, I had no idea what Jeggings were. Now, I'm all about the pajamajeans, but jeggins are something new to me.

Source: huffingtonpost

But Conan is apparently crazy for Jeggings. Check it out.

And now it's time for... DAMN YOU AUTOCORRECT!!!

Source: damnyouautocorrect

Hey, WTF??!!

Source: pictureisunrelated

I'm not sure if I should be laughing or skeered of them.

And that's all the time I have for today. I hope you all did your "yellow" assignment I gave you for the weekend. Until tomorrow, my snaps, keep it fresh, keep it simple, and always keep it semi-insane here on gingersnaps. Oh, and one more thing...

The Nike clothing brand is named after the Greek goddess of victory.

The winged goddess Nike sat at the side of Zeus. Her presence symbolized victory, and she was said to have presided over some of history’s earliest battles. The company’s distinctive SWOOSH logo represents the goddess’s wing!

-OMG Facts



  1. Hope you had a great weekend! We had lunch at my brother's on Saturday for my niece's confirmation. Then yesterday we decorated the tree & hung lights outside. The house is officially in full Christmas decor.

    Snow? Suuuurrrre....

    I love that it's been decided that jeggings are the fall trend. This is what happens when the fashion industry puts out a product they think will be a hit and bombs. Now all the wannabes will be buying them thinking they are what is "in". Sheep.

    Ok, so for my yellow assignment...decorating the tree, I pulled out this hideous glass snowman that so old it' "broke" whoopsie! The husband thinks he just bought it last year, but he always thinks that when I break something. It was old...and MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

  2. Good Morning and Happy Monday to you!My weekend was fantastically lazy and boring!

    Conan ain't right.

    Josh Duhamel, really? Why? Come here...a little closer...mmm hmm...*grabs blackberry & slaps his hand* stop being a horse's arse! Okay, carry on.
    Side note-why does the story reference him watching football at the end? are we to presume that it was the basketball that caused his douchebaggery?

  3. Yay ChristineMarie, for completing the "yellow" assignment!

    Picksee, I was totally wondering the same thing... why on earth do we care what he was watching in the lounge before getting on the plane?!