Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I love you times infinity....ahhhhhh.... *snap*

Tantalizing Tuesday to you, my little gingersnaps. Have you realized yet that next week is Christmas? NEXT WEEK??!! *thud* I do realize not everyone celebrates it and may not care that I'm totally not ready. That's ok. Doesn't bother me that you don't care. BUT YOU SHOULD CARE. Can we add another two weeks before Christmas this year? Just this once? Okay. *breathe*

The weather in Boom, Belgium is a sunny 33 degrees today. I wonder if they make Black Eyed Peas in Boom because if so, I gotta get some of that boom boom boom. Let's hope your car doesn't go boom boom boom this morning, because if so, that means you probably hit the car in front of you, which will make the bumper to bumper traffic on the 405 even worse today.

In the news, a 4 year old, playing "The Smurf's Village" on an iPad, went on a shopping spree, buying up smurf berries and all sorts of smurfy things, which the parents didn't discover until they got the credit card bill. Other parents are complaining of similar situations. Those of you with iPhone and iPads know that when you update or buy apps, it asks for your iTunes password, but then if you buy anything withing a 15 minute window from submitting your password, it just charges it without asking for a password. Bottom Line: If you have just submitted your iTunes password to update your apps, give yourself a 15 minute waiting period before handing that iPhone or iPad to your kid to play on.

Source: foxnews

So we all know they do retouching on celebrities for magazines, but retouching red carpet photos? This is out of hand. I think we all should boycott walking the red carpet from now on out of protest. Whew knew Megan Fox was all acne scarred?? What, you mean she's human after all??!!! *gasp*

Source: theberry

Attention mateys and wenches, the Pirates Of The Caribbean 4 Trailer is out! And it looks like it will be a fun one!

Source: JustJared

And now it's time for DAMN YOU AUTOCORRECT!!!

Source: damnyouautocorrect.com

Today's WTF moment is brought to you by Cher, who showed up looking like this at the premiere of her latest film Burlesque. This is one ginger I just can't get behind. Or in front of. My eyes! My eyes!

Source: DListed

See that's what happens when you have so much money, everyone around you tells you that you look great no matter what you wear/do with your hair. Cher, I am not in your payroll, so I can honestly tell you that the hair color (and the outfit) is not working for you. You're welcome. Love, me.

And that's all the time I have for today. Be good to yourself, because without yourself, you'd be nobody. And one more thing for you to contemplate today is this...

The mathematician who first theorized about infinity died in a mental institution.

-OMG Facts



  1. Im excited about the new Pirate's movie! Holy shit Cher, buy a mirror!

  2. I love how trusting parents are letting their kids play with their iPads. If I had one it would be no touchy for you! That is too much money for me to spend to let my Emmazilla manhandle it. She's 3.

    Pirates looks awesome! I love Penelope Cruz, that fiery lil latina! And I can't wait to see Keith Richards considering that's who Depp based his pirate on.


  3. ChristineMarie, I'm so with you about parents letting young kids play with their iPads. Mr. Ginger is much more generous with his, putting on all these kid apps for them. Me... I keep no kid apps on mine, so the kids don't even ask to touch it. (and if they asked the answer would be no) :)