Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Well, it's Weekend Wednesday, my little gingersnaps! For many of you, the weekend starts today. (myself included because I'm my own boss... and I'm unpaid)

The weather in Istanbul, Turkey is a partly cloudy 63 degrees today. Speaking of... do you have your turkeys yet? No turkey for us this year. We're doing a sides-only Thanksgiving. Mr. G and I have never been big turkey fans (unless it's sliced deli-thin on a sub sandwich) and we love the sides much more anyway so... yep. #Awesomesauce

And if you're curious, I'm making green bean casserole and mashed potatoes (two things my MIL won't make) and I'm making a big batch of guacamole as well, for pre-dinner munchies. Why? Because I live in LA, make the best guacamole on the planet (humble) and my kids demand it.

Traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper today, but good news if you're working on Thanksgiving... it should be free-sailing all the way to your place of employment while the rest of us are stuffing our faces.

In the news, there are 1000 rats up for adoption, if you happen to live in California, and happen to be in the market for adopting a rat or two. Rat lovers? Here's your chance! Or snake owners. What else can you use them for? Research? Experimentation? Oh! If you like to go skeet shooting and run out of clay pigeons... the tricky part is getting those little rats to let go when you yell, "PULL!". What? Oh, come on. You should not be surprised by anything I say at this point.

Source: apnews

In celebrity news, an actor who was on "Ugly Betty" cut off his mother's head with a Samuri Sword. Perhaps Duncan MacCloud of the Clan MacCloud was not the only immortal left besides sword-wheeling Grandma from yesterday. Did all the lights on the block explode in an arc of electricity? Cause that might be a clue. What, too soon? I mean, that's awful!!! *slaps typing hand* I'm soooo going to Hell for that.

Source: huffingtonpost

In wizard news, Harry Potter gives an interview, explaining what it's like playing an actor named Daniel Radcliff. Yes, you heard me right.

Hey, who's excited about Sherlock Holmes II??? *raises hand enthusiastically* I heard all the mixed reviews, but when it comes down to it, if you sit down to watch the first movie, it's a fun ride with great music. Once again I'd like to remind you that this is a tyranny here at Gingersnaps in the Morning and any opinion I express is not up for discussion, unless you agree with me. *wink*

Here's a screen shot for part II that comes out December 16, 2011.

Source: JustJared

And now it's time for... Awesome Vintage Ad Of The Day!

Source: saynotocrack

You seriously need to get those babies shaving early so they will be comfortable with a razor by the time the hair starts to grow in!

Hey, WTF??!!

WTF Pictures and WTF videos by Picture Is Unrelated

How did they get the chickens to sit so nicely on their laps? I want a chicken. An Australorp chicken. But you can only order them in groups of 3. And already Mr. G is saying no to one chicken, there's no way in H...E... Double Hockey Sticks he's saying ok to 3 chickens. So, uh... anyone local want to order three chickens with me and you can have the other two? *Hangs head* I'd say it's a sad state of affairs when I look at that WTF pic and all I can see is that they have chickens and I don't!!! *sobbing* Sigh. Ok, I'm alright. But I think this is my cue to go and wallow in my chicken-less status. I'd even settle for a Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwich at this point. #desperate

There's this one last thing before I go, that I think you need to be aware of...

-OMG Facts

That dude was on the most recent episode of BBC's Merlin this week and I didn't even recognize him, he's so skinny. If you don't watch that show, do it. Do it now. Season 1 is on Netflix Instant Queue, and Giles (from Buffy) AKA Anthony Head is King Uther.

Anyway, have a great Thanksgiving week/weekend and I fully expect you all to have your Xmas decorations up by Monday. That's an order. Until then, celebrate the kindness of the Native Americans and forget all that business of paying them back with small pox blankets. Happy Turkey Day!

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  1. No turkey?! *GASP* But I LOOOOVE green bean casserole. Problem is, no one here likes it, so I never get to eat it. FedEx me some, k?

    I'll take some rats! I could use some target house pets...wait...

    Was Michael Brea on crack? That sounds like a drug induced episode to me.

    Harry Potter is awesome. I'm glad he finally realized his true self. *gigglesnort*

  2. Just give me that sweet potato casserole with the box of butter, bourbon and brown sugar. Nuummma.

    Rats? People want those? That goes right along with snakes in my book. No, thanks.

  3. I had a pet rat named Jack Bubonic Plague. He was supersweet and tidy and was litter trained. And, he was a beautiful shade of blue gray. So, if I was still in Cali, I'd rescue some rats :)

    I hope your Thanksgiving went well! And, our Xmas Decorations are up! And, it's only Saturday (woot!)

  4. ChristineMarie, no one in my hubby's family eats it either, unless I make it. Maybe it's a cultural thing??

    Picksee, your rat's name is all kinds of WIN! I did not know you could litter train rats, though I've heard they are smart and can make good pets. Don't know that I could get past the whole... "it's a rat" thing though.