Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Random Things

Terrible Tuesday to you all. Why is it terrible? Because I have no post for you today and I hate to disappoint people because I'm terribly co-dependent. Actually, I'm not that co-dependent. Years of therapy and Assertiveness Training saw to that. Actually I was the one teaching Assertiveness Training. To mental health-challenged people. Funny thing about teaching something... it forces you to learn it too. So I don't really feel bad for not having a post for you today. Ok, maybe marginally, but not really. But to keep today from being a total wash... here's 10 things you may not know about me. Though if you've known me a long time, you might have already learned these things about me.

1. My parents sent me to a Child Psychiatrist when I was young because they thought I had a learning disability when they were helping me with my homework. The Psychologist concluded that I knew all the right answers, I just didn’t feel like telling my parents the right answers.

2. I went to Florida State University, where I studied Recreational Therapy, and consequently became a Recreational Therapist in the Mental Health industry (locked units, unlocked units, day programs, geriatric programs, adolescent programs, etc.) until I "retired" a month before my first child was born.

3. When I was twelve, I got a rifle for Christmas. A Remington Nylon 66. Still have it to this day.

4. Having only lived in Florida and Southern California, I’ve never experienced living with four seasons worth of weather.

5. At age 15, I went to Mexico City by myself for the summer, to be a Nanny for a family I’d never met before.

6. When I was 16, myself and three other people flew into a cleared strip of jungle in Bolivia to spend the day with the Yucci Indians.

7. In college I visited the Medieval Dog Collar Museum at Leeds Castle in Kent, England.

8. When I was 20, I swam with and fed sting rays at Sting Ray City off the coast of the Cayman Islands.

9. I have my minor in Spanish. Pero hace mucho tiempo si no me hablado espanol, y por eso se me olvidaron muchas de las palabras. I don’t know what I just said.

10. I have an extreme roach phobia. Can't even look at a picture or walk past a dead one without freaking out. (a result of several traumas with them while growing up in Florida where they are 3 inches long and fly and try to land on you) *shudder*

So there you go. 10 things you may or may not have known about me. Hope that cushions the blow from no celebrity/wacky news, weather and 405 traffic report.

Now... go to my comments and tell me something random I don't know about you. This should be an easy one for you lurkers to do!



  1. I HAD NO IDEA ABOUT FLORIDA ROACHES UNTIL I TOOK A SHOWER IN FLORIDA AND ONE JOINED ME. PANIC ATTACK. You are completely justified and I'm glad that I was not the only one.

  2. I minored in Spanish too...and I too have forgotten many of the words.
    My random fact is that I have volunteered at the Independent Spirit Awards twice while I was living in SoCal.

  3. I have decided that ginger needs to experience snow...so I'm sending her all the snow we have here. This way she can experience a different season..oh yeah, btw, no returns! Have a Great Day!

  4. Random fact about me: I have one attached and one free earlobe.

    So does my son.

  5. You pretty much know everything about me... hmm... one thing... let's see. There's the unmentionable thing... and, um... Oh. In keeping with that unmentionable thing, I cannot tolerate when someone bunches up their straw wrapper into a ball and puts it on the table b/c it looks too much like the unmentionable. It freaks me out. Yep. There ya go... one more thing that makes me your quirky little friend.

    Laura... the artist formerly known as Spank! ;)

  6. I went in food phases as a child and still sometimes do. From the ages of 2-5, I would have weeks where I only ate yellow food: corn, buttered tatoes, Corn Pops, yellow rice, eggs, or white food: cottage cheese, milk, white bread, tofu, cereal, oatmeal, etc....

    I have never eaten cotton candy, the look of it makes me gag.

  7. I have a horrible fear of canned biscuits and the pop noise they make when you open them - you never know when it'll happen.

  8. OMG! I love the lurker confessions! Especially Susan and her fear of biscuits. I wouldn't say I'm afraid of them, but that unpredictable pop does unnerve me a bit.

    These are awesome things, G! I love that you nonchalantly spent a day with the Yucci Indians. LOL!

    Hmm...what don't you know? I must not have done a lot of cool stuff cuz I can never think of anything when someone asks.
    I once did stand up comedy in a local coffee house...and I actually got some laughs.

  9. This could be easy for me cuz you really know nothing about me...hmmm..I was 16 before i realized you could actually drive to the US and didnt have to fly..lol..such a geek...

  10. I cannot stand mashed potatoes. Even saying (er, typing) the words gives me the willies!

  11. OMG I loved all these random facts, and yay for some lurkers de-lurking! You each get a gold star!!

    Brittany, thank you for validating the fact that Florida roaches are something worthy of intense phobia!

    Picksee! We should try to talk in Spanish! LOL.

    Elaine, I've experienced snow, but thankfully only during brief times during vacations to snowy places. *marks return to sender on your snow*

    Graceling, that is very cool. And I don't think that makes you a freak at all. Mostly. *smooch*

    In case you're curious about the "unmentionable" Laura (AKA Artist Formerly Known As Spank) is referring to, she has a severe phobia of gum. Can't even say or hear the word. Wants to vomit if she sees anyone chewing it or God-forbid sticks it on their plate so they can eat food. In fact, I'm hoping she doesn't read back through the comments, because just reading this comment would make her hurl.

    Flabuless Diva, (great name, btw) I've heard of some people doing that but never heard of it first hand. Very interesting!

    Susan, while the popping crescent roll canisters don't freak me out as much, I still flinch when they pop and don't look forward to it. I'm much more on edge around balloons. (same reason)

    ChristineMarie... standup comedy??? Wow, you rock. I could never do such a scary thing as that!!! And I'm not surprised you made ppl laugh. You're always cracking me up.

    MJ's Doghouse, That's awesome. I love it.

    Carrie, really? No judgment here, but that's my star dish at Thanksgiving! I'm famous for them-that-shall-not-be-named.

    This was such a success, I think I should do a random fact once a month and ask you guys to tell me another one in the comments. I loved this! You guys rock!!!

  12. Fun random facts :) I have a birth mark on my left thigh that looks exactly like the number 2. It's never been seen by any stingrays.

  13. What, Julie... we don't get to see a picture?! LOL that it hasn't been by stingrays.

  14. Hiya, Ginger!! I swear, I haven't de-delurked!! Just had "real life" crap to deal with. haha! Hm...let's see. A random fact? Ummm....well, as a part of culinary school, we did Lobster Fest for 2 weeks. The clear blood-like fluid of 31 lobsters is on my hands. (Figuratively speaking, of course). The ironic thing is, now I'm a strict vegetarian.

    Love that pic of you with the rifle!! Haha. Awesome. : )

  15. Hmmm... Saying to word cream makes me gag a little.