Monday, November 15, 2010

Marry Me Or Die

Munchausen Monday to you all my gingersnaps! How was your weekend? Lurkers, here's your chance to de-lurk and tell me!

The weather today in Halo, West Virginia is a sunny 57 degrees. I think Mr. Ginger and our boy snaps would enjoy living there. I wonder if they all drive warthogs there. One place you cannot drive a warthog is on the 405, because it is bumper to bumper traffic today which might make it difficult maneuvering around the other cars.

In the news... Man takes girlfriend to the Burger Shop. Man proposes to girlfriend. Girlfriend says no and gets out of the car. Man drives onto the sidewalk and through bushes attempting to run over now ex-girlfriend. Man gets arrested.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say she probably made the right decision.

Source: foxnews

In tiresome reality show news... two of the Gosselin kids have been expelled from their private school for bullying and violence toward classmates and are now being homeschooled. The Gosselin team is saying the situation has grossly been exaggerated. Uh... because private schools expel kids for trivial things? I'm guessing they have the same PR dude who said Charlie Sheen had a bad reaction to medication when he trashed his hotel room.

More importantly, People now hates Kate Gosselin. Seriously, the woman has been on the cover multiple times, had People Magazine photo shoots and photoshops and THIS is the picture they choose for the story? Awesomesauce.

Source: People

This just in... there has been another case of inappropriate use of facial hair. This time on Taylor Lautner. Taylor... this is not ok! Please shave the short and curlies from your face. Love, me.

Source: TMZ

You like Bob Marley don't you? Of course you do. Is there anyone who doesn't like Bob Marley? Of course not. Behold the power of Bob Marley...

Source: @kkjordan

Oh we had a song that would quiet my middle son when he was in a crying fit as a baby. Except it was "Cranberries" song "Empty". You know... empteeeEE-HEE EE-HEE EE-HEE EE-HEE, empteeeEE-HEE EE-HEE EE-HEE EE-HEE, empteeeEE-HEE EE-HEE EE-HEE EE-HEE, empteeeEE-HEE EE-HEE EE-HEE EE-HEE, empteeeEE-HEE EE-HEE EE-HEE EE-HEE... yeah you get the point. Worked every time.

Hey, WTF??!!

wtf photos videos - Puppy Adopters
WTF Pictures and WTF videos by Picture Is Unrelated

I can't really make heads or puppy dog tails out of this one.

And that's all the time I have for today. Start your week out right. No really, try to make as many right turns as you can. Then report back to me. In the meantime, here is some vitally important information you must know...

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  1. Lets see....Thursday we discovered we are having a boy for our first child. Saturday we celebrated my best friends 30th birthday. Sunday we finished getting the bathroom painted and put back together. And today I get to start mandatory overtime until the end of the month - whee....

  2. Saturday I spent shopping around town with my 3 yo girl..mommy-daughter time. Yesterday was my dad's bday! Happy Bday Daddy! Aaaaand last night I spent being chased by zombies. Someday I hope to have normal people dreams.

    Taylor Lautner should not try to look like a werewolf. Not gonna work. Besides, he will always be Sharkboy to me. Oh, well.

    That Bob Marley lover is the cutest thing eva. EVA!

  3. Oh there's so much today! But, I'll start with me...because you know, I'm vain like that :) This weekend was fab, my BFF as a little girl, who I still hang with (obvs), came to town for the weekend. We ate good food, went to New Orleans and ate more good food and did a French Quarter Ghost Tour (I love when people come to town-I get to be all touristy :)) & ended up spending the rest of evening win Pirate's Alley ith our kooky tour guide and her way kookier boyfriend, who was a Druid, natch, and did tarot and palm readings.

    Now onto other things (did I mention, there was SO MUCH!):
    The proposal run down-there is just too much that is too funny about that-the proposal was written on the car that he tried to hit her with-it was at a Burger Stop-and he tried to bring her flowers. GOOD GOD! People can't make this up! And, to be that person, she didn't refuse his "wedding" proposal-she refused his "marriage" proposal. If he was just proposing a wedding, she might go for that-who knows, he could be fun at a wedding? It's the spending the rest of her life w/ him that didn't so much appeal to her.

    Kate Gosselin, I think it's time to reset the weave or maybe cut it out-b/c it's starting to look more like a hat-it's a good 2 inches off of her head.

    *Gets prepared to duck* I don't mind the facial hair on Taylor.

    Baby bobbing his head to Bob Marley-so cute.

    the wtf?! pic is just, WTF?!!!?! The creeepy costumes, the puppy, why the puppy!?

  4. Tigger, congrats on finding out you're having a boy! I wanted a girl when I was first pregnant & was really shocked to find out it was a boy. But boys are awesome. They've got a special bond with their mommies and *whispers* they are easier than girls!

    ChristineMarie... Taycob deserves to be with a non-whiny version of Bella. There I said it. And I have one more thing to sing... "Dream, dream, dream, dream, dream...."

    Picksee... what a weekend! Did you have beignets at Cafe Du Monde? Yumm! And I have NO idea about that WTF pic. I'm totally stumped. It's like a puppy-loving, ape-dressing midget tribe or something.

  5. My weekend was pretty good. Spent Friday alone watching movies, Saturday spent with my best friends and Sunday watched movies
    Love the little boy with the Bob Marley cute!
    I love Taylor, and I do love facial hair, but these two things just dont mix.
    I want those shoes, just in case I need to kick someone in the