Thursday, November 11, 2010

Kardashian Credit

Thunderous Thursday to you all, my little gingersnaps. How is this week treating you?

The weather in Why, Arizona is a sunny 74 degrees today, as opposed to Whynot, Mississippi which has a high of 27 degrees. I'm guessing the Whynots are wishing they were Why today. Brrrrrrr. Whynot bring your favorite mix tape to play in your morning commute, as traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper.

In the news, a cross-country Wisconsin runner COLLIDED WITH A DEER while she was running in a race. It spun her around, though she was able to regain her balance and continue running. The deer also ran off. Seriously, who can say they ran into a deer on foot?

Source: apnews

Poor girl did not win the race, or even qualify, but I think she should've totally gotten bonus points for hitting a deer. Aren't they worth like 50 points? Or am I thinking of little old ladies crossing the street? What? Come on, you can't tell me you've never yelled out "Fifty Points" while driving toward an old lady in the street. Ok, maybe it was just me.

A sign the world is clearly coming to an end... The Kardashian sisters now have their own mastercard. Oh yes, it's called The Kardiashian Kard. Katchy, don't you think?

Source: DListed

Why are they famous again? Oh right, because of Kim's sex tape and abnormally large booty.

In other news, Billy Ray Cyrus brought the mullet back to the CMA awards last night. You know someone once told him that was his best look. I'm not really sure I agree. Hey, Billy Ray, did you know we're living in the year 2010? Cause 1980 called and wants its hair back.

Source: DListed

And now it's time for... Awesome Vintage Ad Of The Day!!!

What on earth would a boy be doing in his bed with his hands under his covers, I don't understand. O_o

Poor brother.

Hey, WTF??!!!

wtf photos videos - Young Lovers
WTF Pictures and WTF videos by Picture Is Unrelated

Nevermind the creep factor. Uh... which one of those lovely "ladies" requires a wheelchair to get around? Ok you're right. The creep factor is bigger than the wheelchair.

And that's all the time I have for today. Be good to yourself today. You're the only self you have. Oh and one last thing...

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  1. Bill Ray just did the normal breakup practice of getting a haircut...he just happened to pick the WORST haircut.
    Who would want the KardashianKard? I'd be superembarassed to ever bust it out.
    Apparently a good boy does not sleep-his arms are above the covers, but he's wide awake...and looks terribly uncomfortable. The bad boy looks quite comfortable and sleepy.

  2. Picksee said "bust it out" *gigglesnort*

    Weird stuff, today, G! Isn't anyone else phased by the 15 yo girl that ran 9 miles in less than 16 minutes? AND didn't qualify? WHAT?!
    And NO, I don't yell 50 pts. Cuz old lady's are only worth 10. Too easy to hit. I'd say people on bikes are worth 50...moving targets. Wait...what?

    Ok, Vintage Ad, Boy 1 has hands over overs and deer in headlights look while Boy 2 is looking at Boy 1 with hands under. This is certainly the weirdest ad, yet. I'm totally skeeved by it. *shiver*

  3. I wonder what the spending limit is on the the Kard?
    The vintage ad is creepy. What the hell are they talking about good little boys sleep with their hands above the covers? What about good little girls? And why does the "Bad little boy" look so comfy and peaceful? Lol
    And Im with ChristineMarie on the bikers being worth