Friday, November 19, 2010

Harry Hangover

Fumbling Friday to you all my gingersnaps. Because that's what I was surely doing this morning when I got home from the midnight showing of Harry Potter 7 and 1/2. No worries... no spoilers from me... partly because I'm pre-publishing this post before I go to see the movie, and secondly because... well there isn't really a secondly. So I'll go ahead and tell you everyone dies in the movie. Hope that doesn't spoil it for you.

In the news, a man was having trouble opening a jar of Del Monte fruit, so he ran it under warm water and then hit the lid with a screw driver, causing the lid to flip up, hit him in the head and cause him to "pass out". (yeah right) So of course he sued them. And Del Monte and Kroger offered him a settlement of $150,000. What the flim flam? I think he went after the wrong culprit here. He should've sued the maker of the screw driver, and after that, he should've sued his mother for giving birth to such an idiot. Actually, he's laughing all the way to the bank. I guess that means I'm the idiot for not getting knocked out by a jar lid and suing someone.

Source: apnews

MTV's Josh Horowitz hosts a little segment called "American Talk by Josh Horowitz", by teaching foreigners how to speak "American". Check out the hilarious clip where he tries to get the cast of Harry Potter to say some phrases in American.

If Bride Magazines told the truth...

Funny Wedding Photos - "Delusional Bride" Magazine Drinks Haterade

For a special treat, here is a showdown between a housecat and an alligator. Come on... you know you want to see what happens.

Hey, WTF??!!!

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Hmmm... I'm pretty sure I don't want to order any of those items with sperm on them. *shudder*

And that's all the time I have for today. While you're reading this, I'm hopefully sleeping off my Harry Hangover. Have a great weekend, don't do anything I would do, and I'll see you back bright and early on Monday. Until then....

The number four is considered unlucky in Japan.
This is because the Japanese word for four is “shi,” which has the same spelling and a similar pronunciation as their word for “death.”
-OMG Facts



  1. I remember when I was reading the books I would beg you to tell me what happened and you would always say... "Well, Harry Potter dies, but..." It made me smile then, as it does now. So glad to have another thing to share with you thanks to your perseverance and gritty determination that I read what you read.

    <3 you. I just may come see HP7 part 2 with you and Ani instead of (or in addition to) Breaking Dawn. Can you imagine that? Something to shoot for.

  2. I expected you to phone it in today, not make me LMAO!

    The HP interviews are awesome! They were such good sports about that!

    Bride Mag...SPOT ON!

    Um, am I the only one disturbed by the fact they let the cat get that close?

    Sperm? Really? Don't people have enough sperm on their bedding? Really? Do you think that will "entice the ladies" having it on your shower curtain? Really? Sperm potholders? I don't want your jiz on my food, k? Really. (Still taking nominations for SNL with Seth Myers.)

  3. Laura, LOL I use to say (when I was reading the books to my oldest) "Oh this is the chapter where Harry Potter dies" at the beginning of each chapter I read, starting with book 1! I'm so mean, LOL. I'm soooo glad I nagged you into reading the books and that you loved them as much as I did. Ani and I were just saying we needed to start up a collection to fly you out for the final HP movie. Oh and BD too of course. I was wishing I was next to you when Snape made his grand entrance. ;). Love you!

    ChristineMarie, LOL I surprised myself by not phoning it in today too! Yes I also was concerned they let that cat get so close to the gator! And seriously, if I want sperm-covered sheets I can go to the motel 6! *dry heave*