Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Elemental Poo

Weasley Wednesday to you, my little snaps! How is your week treating you?

It's a snowy 31 degrees today in Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, Alberta, Canada today. Ok my Canadian readers... tell me why it's named this. Was the Buffalo jumping and got its head smashed in? Did it jump and smash in the head of someone else? An enemy perhaps? Well, you can expect the 405 to be your enemy today, as traffic is bumper to bumper. Just drive safely and avoid the urge to smash your own head in during your morning commute.

In the news, a Pennsylvania man stole two of his 81 year old mother's rings while he was visiting her. Each ring was valued at $30,000 a piece. The man apparently swallowed both of his rings while waiting for questioning. He is now in police custody with a non-flushable toilet in his cell. So far, police have recovered one of the rings, though it appears they are still waiting on the other one. I wonder which lovely employee of the jail house gets the honor of searching for the rings. Probably the intern. I wonder if he gets to put that job task on his resume. Poo-diving for stolen rings. And each ring was worth $30,000? They can't have been easy to pass.

Source: apnews

Did you ever say to yourself, "Self? I'd like to hear Daniel Radcliffe singing a song about the Periodic Table"? If so, today is your lucky day!

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Yesterday I shared with you my Ode to Snape. Today I share with you my Ode to Malfoy. Prepare to be awed. Or bored. *shrugs*

Ode To Draco

Draco, the boy whose hair is white as snow,
Every where that Draco went, trouble was sure to go.

He met Harry Potter one day and tried to be his friend,
But soon decided to be his enemy until the very end.

He tried to be the favorite student of Professor Snape
But I think he was just envious of his teacher’s cape.

Draco reminded everyone that his blood was pure,
For mudbloods were far beneath him, he was sure.

Then one day a mudblood who was as gifted as can be,
Punched poor Draco in the face, making him turn and flee.

He loved to cut down others, making remarks so very vile,
That when I saw him on the screen, my mouth would fill with bile.

But then one day it happened, the very last thing I expected,
I saw Draco in a way that left me quite affected.

For he was not the unfeeling bully I branded him to be.
His father and master bullied him and I began to see.

A frightened boy inside of him who just wanted love,
A spirit within him as fragile as a dove.

And then the most surprising thing that happened was no game,
For I found myself drawn to Draco like a moth is to the flame.

I wonder now why I ever thought that I loved Harry,
When I see now it has to be Draco that I marry.

Forget Team Jacob, Team Edward and the rest,
For I am now on Team Draco, because he is the best!

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Hey, WTF??!!!

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Now, let's compare to the real Harry Potter (yes I said "real", don't argue)

I'd say that painting is pretty spot-on, don't you? *shakes head no* Funny, I don't remember Harry Potter wearing a black vest to show off his hairy chest.

And that's all the time I have for you today. Meet me back here tomorrow, roughly the same time and place. I'll do my best to be here too. Until then, know this...

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  1. Yay! Loving all the splendid Potterness! *claps* for both Snape's & Draco's Ode =) Fantastic!

    Lol at the lolcat! *right click, save*

    Oh, and that Sam Worthington is one dapper fella...he could live in my car...What?! Who said that?! ;D

    Anyway Aunt Ginger, I'm trying not to be such a big lurkypants. I'm here everyday anyway, right?

    <3 ya!

  2. Okay first. Tom Felton is HAWT! Dayum... Second, I actually (no, really truly... perhaps because I'm sleep deprived) got teary. Poor Draco really was put upon. But just yesterday it was Harry you were to marry! Who will it be tomorrow? Ahh yes... Ron Weasley, of course!

    Oh and Kitty Dobby is to die for. Oh god... Dobby.... *throws myself onto the bed, sobbing*

  3. I'm starting to get a complex from all the crazy people stories you post from PA. I swear we are not all like that!!

    That is one big sofa of hotness on Graham Norton! How did you know I love that show?? Seriously, I L.O.V.E. that show. I'm usually in tears by the end of the show..from laughing, of course.

    Another awesome poem! And hey, Draco looks so much better without his hair all slicked back...almost like Ryan Gosling in that pic...Ryan Gosling...*spaces out*