Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Crazy With A Capital Quaid

Taun-taun Tuesday to my fellow snaps! I hope this week is treating you well.

The weather in Jackpot, Nevada is a partly cloudy 58 degrees today. Really, a city named "Jackpot" in Nevada. How... creative. You definitely won't be hitting the jackpot with this morning's commute as traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper.

In the news, a Brazilian manager of a McDonalds sued McDonalds for offering free lunches to employees that contributed to his 65 pound weight gain over the course of 12 years. He also said he felt pressured to sample the food every day for fear of the "mystery clients" who showed up unannounced and made reports on the quality of the food. The Brazilian court awarded him $17.5 million dollars.

Source: usatoday via @dudeman718

That evil McDonalds... offering their employees free lunches so they will gain weight. They deserve to be sued! You know, I think I will sue to the makers of Oreo Double Stuff cookies, for making such a tasty product that has contributed to my weight gain over the years.

In Schizophrenic news, Randy Quaid and his wife believe they are the target of "Hollywood Wackers". They say they are being wiretapped and followed and fled to Canada out of fear for their lives. Hmmm... and I thought they fled to Canada to avoid the numerous legal charges against them for squatting in someone else's home, and victimizing several hotels by running up tabs and leaving without paying. They consider themselves "Hollywood Fugitives" and believe that Heath Ledger and David Carradine may have been murdered. They think Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears are next. They also believe that Mel Gibson was set up, and that the hate filled taped rants were a result of him being drugged.

Source: popeater

On the other side, Dennis Quaid is the picture of health, physically and mentally. Here he is on Halloween, dressed as a Jersey Shore guido. Sure hope he took Valtrax because I think the Jersey Shore costume comes with some contagions. Oh and DO YOU SEE HOW FREAKIN' RIPPED HE IS? HE'S 56 FREAKIN' YEARS OLD! Werd.

Source: JustJared

Remember how I showed that picture of Heidi Klum, that proved she was an alien robot? Well that was her with her human head still on. Here she is (with Seal) in her natural state.

Source: dlisted

Uh, can someone please tell me what they are supposed to be? And when did Seal become a Little Person?

WTF is Kim Kardashian wearing? You know she's only wearing one sleeve because the other sleeve has red paint on it. O_o

Source: dlisted

And now it's time for...

Awesome Vintage Ad Of The Day!!!

Forget sensible diet and exercise to keep your weight down. Just reach for some Lucky Strike cigarettes whenever you have the urge to eat and you will be swimsuit ready in no time. Don't forget to bring your oxygen tank along.

Hey, WTF??!!!

Funny wedding Photos - Here Comes the Predator!

Nothing says romantic wedding cake like flesh eating alien predators.

You know that's my all time favorite movie. For reals.

And that's all the time I have today. Tune back in here tomorrow, same place, same time for more gingersnaps. Until then, know this...

There is approximately one slot machine for every 2½ residents of Las Vegas.

-OMG Facts



  1. Dear Randy Quaid, This is why drugs are bad. The end.

    Dear Dennis Quaid, How YOU doin?!

    Dear Kim, Really? Your stylist hates you. Or, I'm guessing it's the same, your mom.

    I knew I shouldn't have quit smoking. Damnit.

  2. k..as a canadian...keep the quaids!! please we don't want 'em , we have enough crazies here as it is!!! please!!!? (sheesh)

  3. LMAO Christine Marie! You're cracking me up.

    Elaine, I'm afraid you're gonna have to keep the Quaids. America wants to whack them.

  4. Some one should have told Randy Quiad drugs were bad.

    Holy shit, Dennis Quiad is lookin good. Almost replaces Bruce Willis as the hottest 50 something man. Mmm Bruce Willis...

    I thought Kim was the WTF moment..lol

    Who knew Lucky's were a great diet. Just dont eat them...lol

    Interesting wedding cake...thats all I gots there...lol