Saturday, November 13, 2010

Book Review: "Once A Witch" by Carolyn MacCullough

"Once A Witch" by Carolyn MacCullough

Tamsin Greene was born into a family of generations of witches. Every single female and male member of the family has their own special magical talent. Except Tamsin. At Tamsin's birth, her grandmother declared she would be a beacon for them all, and the most powerful witch in the Greene family. When her power didn't surface at the age of reckoning, Tamsin grew up believing herself to be a disappointment to her family, and feeling left out for being different.

One summer Tamsin was working in her Grandmother's book store when a handsome stranger arrived, asking for help with a lost family heirloom. Finding lost items is a specialty for her magical sister and Grandmother, but eager to prove herself, Tamsin promises to find the object herself.

Later that evening old family friends move back to the area, including her childhood best friend Gabriel, who has matured into an attractive young man and only has eyes for Tamsin. Gabriel's talent is finding lost items, so he helps Tamsin recover the family heirloom the stranger had asked for. But in doing so, started a series of events that would bring up old family secrets, the evil rival family The Knights, and could lead to the demise of the entire Greene family.

Tamsin discovers that the handsome stranger is not as harmless as he seems, and that her family may have been lying to her all along about her talent. As her Grandmother encourages her to finish the course of what she started, she predicts that it will end with Tamsin having to make a terrible choice.

-To be continued with the sequel, "Always A Witch".

From the start of this book, I could hardly put it down. I read it in less than 2 days. Simply put, I love Tamsin's character and her growth under pressure, as well as the developing love between Tamsin and Gabriel.

"Once A Witch" is available for purchase at Amazon.


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  1. Oh whoa. I'm downloading this one right now. It sounds amazing!