Monday, November 22, 2010

Blame The Pickpocket

Sorry guys, no entertaining Gingersnaps in the Morning today. Blame the pickpocket who stole my iPhone4 out of the front pocket of my purse while I was at Petco yesterday. It went something like this...

Except it was from my purse and not my pocket. In hindsight, I think I know when it happened. Some guy (with nothing in his cart) came up an aisle and blocked me. It was an awkward stand-off until I agreed to back up and let him go. I'm sure he had someone behind me who did the honors.

Can I just say that Petco and its manager were most unhelpful in helping me? The cashier offered to take down my name and number (obviously not my cell number) to call me if it was found. The manager said, "It's an iPhone4? Yeah, you're never gonna see that again." *still calling him nasty names in my head*

Did I have mobileme set up so I could remotely locate my iPhone4's location and choose to wipe it of all my info? NO. Did I have the passcode set up on it? NO.

Lesson learned. $600+ later I've got a brand new iPhone with mobileme set up, a passcode set up and even if they enter a passcode incorrectly 10 times, it will wipe the phone.

I'm trying to invent some sort of security device that we can add to the iPhones that can be activated remotely should they be stolen. My ideas... perhaps it can explode in their hands... leak battery acid on them... or maybe even a spinning blade can pop out of it and cut off their fingers. I'm thinking of pitching it to Apple and calling it the "G-Security Plan". What do you think?

Oh, and if you have an iPhone4... please passcode it, and set up mobileme so you can locate and wipe your information off your phone if it is stolen.

Since I spent the large part of the day trying to recall all my accounts (facebook, twitter, email, banking, etc) and changing all the passwords, I was unable to find the time to come up with a proper post.

So if you're disappointed... blame the pickpocket. Oh, and Petco? I think I'll take my business to Petsmart from now on. Perhaps their employees would be a little more helpful in this event.



  1. Teach me, Oh wise one... what is mobileme, and is it available for the 3GS? I have a passcode on my phone, and I have location services enabled in Maps... how is that useful if my phone was lost/stolen?

  2. Oh damn. I am so sorry to hear that happened... xoxo

  3. Dear Pickpocket, How dare you steal from our sweet, wonderful Ginger! And you have also stolen our daily news from her. How will I drive the 405 today? (ok, I'm in PA) How will I get my giggles from silly WTF? (ok, so maybe YOU are the WTF)

    In short, YOU SUCK. And if you are ever found you will be ripped to shreds by me, G, the posters and the lurkers. May God have mercy on you. (ok, maybe not)


  4. Graceling, I will ask Mr. G about the iPhone 3G, but I think it's just the iPhone4 that can wipe the info remotely.

    Thank you guys. Dear ChristineMarie... that guy who stole my phone... he should be shaking in his boots after your comment! xoxo

  5. Hi, Ginger!! It's me, @ChefAnika !!! I did it!! Finally. De-lurked. Still SO sorry about your iphone 4. That seriously blows. May the pickpocket work in a fiberglass factory and forget to wash his hands before using the urinal!! (I've heard that's painful). Hee hee! Good luck with the password-changin'!! Later, lovely!! : )

  6. jerks...and in a petstore so so wrong...why cant people just go for broke and buy their own dang phone...idiots....i d i o ts..