Thursday, October 28, 2010

Very Promisuous

Thunderous Thursday to you all! The weather in Hurricane, West Virginia (pronounced Hur-i-ken) is a sunny 64 degrees today. I was going to say they deserved to have a Huriken blow through their town for pronouncing it like that, but no one deserves a Huriken. Not even the fine citizens of Huriken, West Virginia. Now let's drive to Cairo, Georgia (pronounced Kay-roh) and get some dinner. (translation: lunch)

In the news, a man shot himself in the knee while he was sleepwalking. The man, age 63, kept a 9mm handgun near his bed and also was taking prescription pain medication. Apparently in his sleep, he grabbed the gun and shot himself in the knee. He says the "bang" woke him up. I'll bet it did.

Source: apnews

Perhaps he'll need a stronger pain medication now. And a gun lock.

In Bieber news, after seeing many tweets and comments making fun of the "retouching" Brazilian magazine Star Todateen did on Bieber's face, the magazine responded by saying there was no retouching done and Bieber is naturally that beautiful. Any changes from the original are explained by a "technical problem" that darkened certain areas of the photo.

Source: Popeater

Uh, how do you say, "I don't believe you." in Portuguese?

In other news, here's a man who doesn't believe in online matchmaking services. Instead, he made his own "single's ad" by posting flyers at Pay Phones in the vicinity of where he lives. Uh... just read it for yourself. It's worth it.

Source: DListed

Oh man... I was so close to fitting the description... redhead, between 21-45, big boobs, non-smoker, no diseases (unless you consider being pre-disposed to diabetes a "disease"), great kisser, not a golddigger, not a she-man...

but I'm afraid I'm not "Very Promisuous". So close. Yet so far. I'm surprised no one has taken any of the tabs. Nice fanny pack, Malik.

And now it's time for...

Awesome Vintage Ad Of The Day!

Since the print is so small, allow me to transcribe the best part of the ad...

"Men are better than women! Indoors, women are useful--even pleasant. On a mountain they are something of a drag. So don't go hauling them up a cliff just to show off your Drummond climbing sweaters. No need to. These pullovers look great anywhere. On the level!"

Oh thank goodness my man looks good in his pullover anywhere and doesn't have to go hauling me up a cliff.

Hey, WTF???!!!

Source: Poorly Dressed

If this is my upgrade, what was I starting out with? And upgrades are so overrated anyway.

That's all the time I have for today. And if you haven't traded me in for an upgrade, I'll be here the same time, same place tomorrow. Until then, here's a little something to think about...

A baby girl was born on 8/9/10 at 11:12 PM.

Ella Rose Riehle was born in Cincinnati, Ohio at this improbable moment. Tragically, she did not quite weigh 6 pounds, 7 ounces, or this fact would be even more amazing!
-OMG Facts



  1. First to comment! WIN!

    Um, where is my traffic report? What if I come to LA today? Is the 405 jammed? I don't know?! I'm confused! GAH!

    Is that really Bieber? Or just one of those Lesbiebers I keep hearing about? He sure is purty. Does that make him a Lipstick Lesbieber? Hmmmm....

    Dear Malik, avoiding all the other glaringly obvious comments I could make...what do you have agains a Dominatrix? We..ahem..They are "REAL" women, too!

    Vintage ad...I love how the men are casually talking as the one holds a lil string that is "dragging" his woman up the cliff. Whatevs. I say she should give that rope a tug and let him and his stupid sweater fall over the edge.

  2. There's a Kay-Roh, Illinois too. And a Miami, pronounced My-Amm-uh, OK.

    I love the personal ad! I was on board until the VERY PROMISCUOUS and then clothing. (And, I could be the blonde version of what he's looking for). He doesn't know it, but he wants a hooker. Hookers need love too.

    I think that photo of Beiber is just his ad for his new make-up line. He has a nail polish line, so now he's taking on make-up!

    Thank goodness women are not only useful-but also pleasant...phew!

  3. Im jealous Justin Bieber makes a prettier girl then I do. Its not And he is so a lipstick lesbian.
    Putting ads in phone booths for a date is a great idea, lol thats a good way to find a serial killer.
    And the upgrade chick, wtf? I cant stop staring at her belly? Her legs are coming straight out of her belly, I cant look away...its like a car wreck...

  4. ChristineMarie, LOL you noticed no traffic report. I left it out and thought... no one will notice... HA! You got me. :)

    Picksee, there's a My-Amm-Uh? No way! *snort* Your hooker comment cracked me up!!! You're right, they do need love too.

    Lisa, I couldn't stop looking at the "upgrade girl" either. I guess I'm fascinated over how she got those daisy dukes over her thighs.

    Justin Bieber is totally a Lipstick Lesbian. You guys nailed it!