Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Troubling Of Goldfish In A Barrel

Tipsy Tuesday to you all. Well a very small percentage of you responded to the... should I have book reviews/recommendations on this site or not question... but those that did responded with a unanimous vote for... YES. And the people have spoken. I'll get started on that right away.

The weather in Princes End, Tipton, UK is a rainy 57 degrees today. I repeat, it's raining in Princes End. Not quite the same as having rain in Mianus, Connecticut. I wonder... do they mean it's the end as in "death" of the prince? Or end as in "bum" of the prince? I'm sure there is traffic in Princes End and Mianus, but unfortunately it doesn't compare to the bumper to bumper traffic on the 405 today. Hope your car has comfortable seats because you will be sitting on Uranus for quite some time during the morning commute.

In the news, a man was so severely injured during a lap dance (suffering a punctured eye socket and broken facial bones from the dancer's high heel) that he was awarded a $650,000 settlement.

Source: foxnews

I think all $650,000 should be awarded to the wife of the injured guy. It doesn't say he was married in the article but you know he probably is. Perhaps the strip clubs should issue a warning next to the stripper pole to watch out for deadly stripper heels.

On a completely different note... here is the world's laziest cat fight.

Here is Gisele Bundchen and her son at a Miami beach recently. She belongs to the same alien Automaton Race that Heidi Klum belongs to. I'm guessing her legs are made of Adamantium or something. How else can you explain how legs that skinny can hold up her body and her baby's at the same time without crippling from the weight?

Source: people

In other news, Julianne Moore's stylist hates her. Here she is in London for the premiere of the Kids Are All Right. The kids might be all right, but one has to wonder about that dress.

Source: dlisted

Today I have a special treat for my little snaps... very naughty animals!!!

Is it weird that I feel bad for some of those animals on the receiving end? Especially that poor kitty in the last picture. MeOWWWWWWWWW!

Hey, WTF??!!

Funny Wedding Photos - There's a Hitch Pun in Here Somewhere...

I know every bride wants a grand entrance, but seriously? Why not on a horse or in a carriage? Is he planning on dumping her off somewhere? Is he excavating her final resting place even before the wedding is over? I wonder whose idea that was. Because she doesn't look thrilled.

And that's all the time I have for today. Have a razzle dazzle day, and chew on this...

A group of jellyfish is called a smack.

Other official names for animal groups...

~ Parliament of owls
~ Intrusion of cockroaches
~ Unkindness of ravens
~ Cloud of grasshoppers
~ Troubling of goldfish
~ and last but not least – a barrel of monkeys! It’s actually the legitimate term!

-OMG Facts



  1. All I can think is that bride probably is thinking about the crash diet she'll start in the morning since her groom had to carry her in a loader bucket. Poor thing.

  2. I LOVE the lazy cat fight! Or lazy cat patty cake...both of them look so indifferent-you can practically hear them sigh when the other one starts it again...sigh, alright, again? fine, let's do this.

    Oh Julianne Moore...there comes a point when you tell your stylist, no, I only want to wear one dress. One!

    My favorite animal grouping is a "Murder of Crows" ...sounds so ominous! And like you should say it in a drawled out snooty/mysterious way... "a Muhhhrduhr of Crows"

  3. Picksee said exactly what I was thinking about those cats! LOL!

    I was literally LMAO at those naughty animals. Literally...it's over there on the floor, completely laughed off. Each one made me laugh harder...oh, the giraffe!! The statue! Owie...my sides hurt.

    Oh, and I hope that kid peed on Gisele. Stupid skinny girl. XP

  4. omg, this post made me laugh so hard! thank you! lol.

  5. Ok, Gisele has to be an alien, but why is her baby naked and what the hell is going on with her chest, I see ribcage...

    I think Julianne Moore has a cap belted on her dress...lol

    Those poor animals. And bunny orgy!

    And that bride is a walking fat joke waiting to happen being driven in on a whatever that is..lol She should beat her husband, because it had to be his idea...lol
    How many goldfish do I have to have to have a troubling of goldfish?