Monday, October 18, 2010

Special Message

I'm so sorry. I have been given the task to tell you that Ginger and Mr. Ginger have gone down south for a quickie and will not return until next Monday, so there will be no Gingersnaps In The Morning this week. I'm not sure what she meant by "quickie" or about "going down south" but I think it means she won't be here blogging this week. Whatever you do, don't blame the cute kitty. I'm already sad enough.



  1. LMFAO - You will be missed. Have fun. xoxo

  2. Well, I guess I'll just wait here till you get back....

    ...what? I've got nothing better to do.

    Have a great week, G! ;)

  3. The kitty looks guilty to me! Have a great time!

  4. omg that picture has to be the cutiest kitty cat I have ever seen. Aww!

  5. Aww thats such a cute kitten, how can anyone be sad that we wont get our Ginger fix this week after looking at that kitten. Hope you have fun on your trip.