Thursday, October 7, 2010

Potter Posters!

Holy Fazoli gingersnaps! I threaten to hold my blog ransom if the lurkers don't de-lurk and the people have listened! You guys really and truly made my day yesterday. That wasn't so bad, was it? And my regular commentors loved it too. It's true, they told me. I still got my eye on those of you who haven't yet de-lurked. You can do it. I know you can. Just think of the Little Search Engine That Could... I think I can, I think I can, I think I can leave a comment on Gingersnaps today. Love and glitter rainbows to you all!!

The weather in Mayo, Kentucky is a sunny 74 degrees today. I would like to live in Mayo, Kentucky and more importantly make all my sandwiches in Mayo, Kentucky. Don't give me that Miracle Whip crap. Mayo, Kentucky is where its at. Traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper today, so if you've used mayo in your bagged lunch, be sure to include an ice pack. No one wants to deal with the after effects of warm mayo.

In the news, a 6 point buck crashed through the window of a house and ran through, wreaking havoc and gouging the walls with his antlers. The wife called 911 while the husband got his gun and killed it.

Source: apnews

Talk about having your food delivered to your house. You know I've never actually had a Venison sandwich, but I'd totally try it. With mayo of course.

Daniel Craig was spotted exiting an Apple Store, purchasing a charger for his Mac laptop.

Source: JustJared

You may wonder why I find this newsworthy. He's a Mac Man, people! His attractability (yes that's a word... ok no it's not but go with it) just went up exponentially. Nothing is sexier than a Mac guy. NOTHING. Which is why we have 7 Macs in our household. Mr. Ginger is a Mac Guru. Which is one of the reasons he rocks my world. We don't really need to mention the other reasons, but you can feel free to use your imagination. Who are we kidding? You know exactly what I'm talking about don't you? Awwww yeah, that man will drive and get me a fountain Dr. Pepper from the nearest Fast Food joint whenever I want one, day or night. That is what you thought I was talking about, right?

Speaking of rocking my world... new promotional posters are out for Harry Potter!!! And they are freakin' fantastic!!!


And this last one is dedicated to Laura, the artist formerly known as Spank.

Source: celebuzz


On a completely different and annoying note, Jessica Alba is complaining about her post-baby body while she posed for British GQ magazine. She says her boobs are more saggy, her hips are bigger, she has cellulite and every actress out there is prettier than her.

Source: HuffingtonPost

Do you want to slap her or should I do the honors? You want cellulite, Jessica? I'll show you cellulite! *Points wand at Jessica "don't call me Latina" Alba and says* "Inflatus Totalus!"

And now it's time for...

Awesome Vintage Ad Of The Day!!!

Maybe Jessica "I've Got Cellulite Now" Alba should be doing some housework and eating Total cereal to help her with that hideous cellulite problem.

Hey, WTF??!!!

Source: omgblog

Oh no. Why did I have to see this? Now I need a turtle riding kitten. And a turtle. (actually it's a tortoise.) I've already got 17 pets. What's two more?

And that's all the time I have for today. Thank you again to all my de-lurkers and of course to all my regular commentors. Those of you who still haven't de-lurked... NO SOUP FOR YOU! And with that, I leave you with this...

You can tell if an egg is hard-boiled or not by spinning it.

If the egg spins evenly, it is hard-boiled. If it wobbles and stops spinning, then it is uncooked. Similarly, if an egg is your totem in the movie Inception, if the egg never stops spinning, then you are dreaming.

-OMG Facts



  1. Sorry for not de-lurking yesterday. :( But I'm doing it today to tell you I freakin love those HP posters!
    And what's Jessica's problem? I don't think I ever looked like that even before kids!

  2. On the Potter note, I am de-lurking to invite you to come to WWHP with me! I haven't been yet. I'm just waiting for it to get cold so walking through snow covered Hogsmead is more believeble!!! :). Anything to help maintain the illusion! ;)

  3. Whah!!!!!

    The images on your blog won't load on my work computer (stupid blockers!)

    So you are sitting there, teasing me with new HP posters, and I can't see them.

    Why are you so mean, Ginger?

  4. News flash, G! The deer meat is in and it's yummy! Shall I send you some steaks? Some jerky?

    I am completely super-excited about HP, but I want to know one thing...what do they do with Ralph Fiennes nose to get it to do that? I mean, it can't be CGI all the time, right? It's so flat, tho!

    Let me pull out my wand, too..that Alba girl needs a double dose of inflatus totalus!

    Ok, so another ad that says women are only good for housework AND it calls us fat? WTF?!

  5. LOVE the new posters!!! Belatrix looks super scary! And, I really really lurve the Snape poster...that might just replace my previous HP movie desktop...

    Jessica, Jessica, Jessica. Come closer...Closer...SLAP! Stop talking crazy! SLAP! Carry on.

    I love the videogame music for the tortoise riding kitty...awesome.

  6. Those HP posters are so freaking awesome!

    ****I can't wait! I Can't wait! I can't wait!***

  7. Renata!!!!! *runs up and tackles you* Of course I'll go with you to WWHP! I'll let you know next time we're in O'town.

    ChristineMarie... my one lone advocate to back up how yummy Venison really is. <3

    Graceling, you better tell your work to unblock photobucket!! Mean work people. You should quit and move to Los Angeles, just for that.

    Lynn, thank you for de-lurking! I certainly didn't look like Jessica pre-kids. *slap slap*

    Picksee77, I love the punishment you are doling out on Jessica. Keep slapping!

  8. Hey Jessica, I'm up for a body swap anytime you're ready sweetheart. All I'll charge you is one HP Poster :D

  9. oh alright, de-lurking activated. I am now officially commenting on your blog!! I love it. I read it, I giggle and snort. Your use of and leads me to love you (not in a creepy, heavy breathing sorta way). I love all things Twilight (especially Rob and Jackson Rathbone) and all things ginger. And I am fully volunteering to smack Jessica Alba...several times in fact. Til next time..._ericacullen

  10. luv HP, didn't get to go to HP in Orlando :( My niece wasn't tall enuf for most of rides at park so we didn't go. The things I sacrifice for my mini-me.

  11. Love the HP posters! They look amazing! Im so excited to see it! Cant wait til next month!!
    I really want to smack Jessica. She looks amazing and she needs to shut
    I want my kitten to ride a turtle!!

  12. I just died of anticipation. OMG! Snape... SNAPE!!! *falls over dead*

    With love,

    Laura, the artist formerly known as Spank.