Friday, October 1, 2010

Phoning It In Phriday

Happy Phoning It In Phriday to you all! I know, I know... that title means what you think it means. I'm tired, feeling uninspired and really want to get back to the book I'm reading!! And honestly, I really really don't want to tell you how I feel about the fact that Heidi has dropped divorce proceedings against Spencer because I might just start stabbing my eyes with a fork. And who wants to see that?

So... let's think of today as more of a Musical Monday. Except, you know, it's Friday. We'll start you off with something eye opening...

You think Heidi Klum and Seal are a cute couple, right? Who doesn't? Want to see them naked together? Who doesn't? Wait. I mean, what?! That's right... Seal's new video has the two of them naked, in bed together. There's nudity. There's hotness. Just can't decide if it's good hotness or TMI hotness. You decide!

Source: popsugar

Now we move on to Jimmy Fallen and Justin Timberlake and their 3 minute history of Rap music. If you haven't yet seen this... watch it now. #trust

Source: popeater

And to top off all the videos... here's my personal favorite and sure to make you laugh... Funny or Die's parody of Bobby Brown's "Every Little Step" with Wayne Brady.

And that's all the time I have for you. Phorgive me for once again phoning it in this Phriday. Have the very best weekend you can possibly have legally and I'll see you back here Monday!



  1. Seal and Heidi - a Bit TMI Hotness. I love them both but let's keep that a secret between the two of you.

    Jimmy and Justin - Off the hizzy fa shizzy.

  2. Hey, phoning it in is better than not showing at all.

    Yeah, I think that was a lil TMI. I mean, they're hot and all, but some stuff is meant to stay in the bedroom. You don't want to see what me and the Mr. are doing, I'll tell you that much!

    Jimmy n Justin...i think what ND's Mama said pretty much sums it up. I love Jimmy n I think Justin is working on trying to get a permanent spot at SNL. Honestly, I would love it.

    Have a great weekend, sweetie!