Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Melted Ice

Wishful Wednesday to you all my little snaps! I'll tell you what's wishful thinking... the fact that there is a town in Louisiana named "Waterproof". *whispers* Do they know it rains a lot in Louisiana?

Well, the weather in Waterproof, Louisiana is a sunny 81 degrees today. And good thing too. If it was raining, we'd really have to put the name to the test. No need to have your car waterproofed if you're commuting on the 405 today. Though traffic is bumper to bumper, we hardly ever get rain here, so you should be dry as a bone when you get to work today. Provided you have A/C in your car of course.

In the news, police arrested a man for a felony charge, but while he was handcuffed behind his back, he managed to get the back door of the police car open and escape. Police are adding "theft of handcuffs" (value of $29) to his charge, which is 3rd degree theft.

Source: apnews

Honestly, they're charging him with stealing the handcuffs? I'm sure he didn't mean to take them with him when he fled. Wow... the state of Washington's finances must be even worse than California's.

Hey, have you missed Vanilla Ice? Yeah me neither. Anyway, he's getting a new show on the DIY Network called "The Vanilla Ice Project" which will be about flipping homes. (buying run down homes for cheap, fixing them up and re-selling them at a higher price) He says he's been flipping homes for 10 years now on his own, so why not try to cash in on the name we all respect and love in order to get himself a show!

Source: Popeater

I think this is one project that needs to stay on ice. Oh yea. I just went there.

David Arquette went on Howard Stern to air his and Courtney Cox's dirty laundry, so they can hopefully get back together. Among other things, Courtney has been refusing him the nookie for 4 months, and she decided she was tired of being his mother, so she suggested they separate so he can take care of his own needs... like getting nookie from a waitress. He also says she's the most amazing woman he's ever met and he's hopeful they will reconcile.

Source: Popeater

I suppose she can't get upset with the waitress thing because... "Hey, they were on a break!!!" #ObscureFriendsReference

Anyway, David... I'm not sure airing your dirty laundry during an interview with Howard Stern is the best way to win her back.

And now it's time for...

Awesome Vintage Ad Of The Day!!!

Uh... underfoot? barefoot? lying on the floor? I don't get it.

Hey, WTF!!!

fashion fails - The Scottish Mobster Fairy
Poorly Dressed

A Scottish Fairy!!! I've always wanted one! If I catch it will it grant me 3 wishes? Or is that just for Scottish Genies?

And that's all the time I have for today. I have no words of wisdom for you today, which means you are free to carry on as you would normally. But women be warned...

Women are up to 14 times more likely to die from natural disasters than men are.

-OMG Facts



  1. Im really confused about the vintage ad. Where are they trying to keep me with one shoe? Shouldnt there be a stove or something in that ad? Is that wrong? Lol
    I think the Scottish fairy is alittle early for Halloween.

  2. "Keep her where she belongs...on the floor naked...looking at a shoe." And, is that her shoe? His shoe? A pilgrim's shoe?

    I love that the police added the handcuffs...b/c the stealing a police car simply wasn't bad enough.

    David Arquette, you really are a tool and apparently really do need a mother-who doesn't let you do radio shows...where the whole world can hear the dumb things that spill out of your mouth. Particularly that you don't know how many times you slept with the extraneous, "onabreak" waitress (it would've been better if she was a copy store girl).

    I really really hope that Scottish fairy is at a Ren Faire! BUT, he's probably not.

  3. On a't EVERYONE know that reference?! Is it just us here? Ok, well, I got it...aaaaand loved it. But, yeah, good luck getting her back now, David. XP

    Vanilla Ice...Really? 100 Concerts a year? Really? Does that count the local dive bars like when you were in my town? Fixing up houses and we shouldn't worry? Really? I'm not worried. Keep your day job...Really. (I'm accepting nominations to be on SNL with Seth Myers, continue the Really skit he had with Amy Poehler)

    Sorry, I'm late on this one...sicky this week. :(