Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lip Service

Wistful Wednesday to you all, my little friends. I'm on vacation this week so you should be so happy I'm continuing to blog. In fact, I think the best way to repay me is for everyone to de-lurk and leave me a comment. Yes, that would be just about right. Go ahead. I'll wait.

The weather in Siren, Wisconsin is a sunny 72 degrees today. When I think of sirens, I don't really think of Wisconsin. Do sirens in Wisconsin lure you to your death in icy waters? Cause when I think of Wisconsin, I think of cold. And cheese. Let's hope there are no sirens around on your morning commute because traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper and if you are sung into a stupor, leading you to crash to your death, it's likely you'll take a bunch of people with you.

In the news, sheriff deputies found bags of marijuana and cocaine between a man's butt cheeks. He quickly went on to explain, saying that the weed was his, but the white stuff wasn't. They had stopped him for speeding and smelled the marijuana (in his butt... ewwww) and searched him.

Source: apnews

First of all, just how much can he stuff up his no-no hole and if the "white stuff" up there isn't his... whose is it? Again... ewwwww.

In new Hollywood couple news, it is looking like Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen are getting cozy. Not that I can blame her after seeing Michael Sheen in the "Underworld" movies. He's a Hunky McHunkster, but can we really ever forgive her for leaving Ryan Gosling? I think the answer is no. Yes, I hear you screaming "nooooooooo" in my head, Ashleigh.

Source: JustJared

Just more proof that Conan is sooo much better than Leno, and not just because he's a ginger. His teaser for his new show has just been released.

Source: Popeater

Alert the presses... Lisa Rinna has finally gotten that wonky upper lip fixed! She admitted she had it injected with silicone in 1986 on an impulse with her girlfriend.

Source: TMZ

It's about gosh darn time! Why the flim flam did she not get it fixed years ago (like when she was on Days of Our Lives) I have no idea. All I remember about Days of Our Lives was that wonky upper lip and how I couldn't even hear their cheesy lines over the distraction of that lip. You Days people know what I'm talking about. Thank you Lisa. You've done a service to all mankind by getting your silicone-filled upper lip fixed.

And now it's time for...

Awesome Vintage Ad Of The Day!

She's smiling because right after that picture was taken, she shoved a knife in his chauvinistic back.

Hey, WTF?!!!

wtf photos videos - Our Vacation (Best Summer Ever)
WTF Pictures and WTF videos by Picture Is Unrelated

Nothing says "awesome vacation" like getting your picture taken in front of a CarBQ.

And that's all the time I have for today. Remember to de-lurk today if you want to see me again this week. It's like I'm holding my own little blog for ransom. *wondering if my lurkers will take tha bait* Those of you dutiful ladies who comment daily here... I love you. For real. And on that note...

Fat baby boys are more likely to have sex earlier in their lives.

Boys who gain the most gain in their first six months of development go on to be taller and stronger as adults, which increases the likelihood that they will lose their virginity sooner!

The reason those first six months are important is because the babies are making the best use of the testosterone that is coursing through their tiny bodies. Testosterone is a male sex hormone that affects muscle and bone growth in babies, and sexual development in young adults.

-OMG Facts



  1. Ginger,

    You have it right! I have been wondering about this all day. Seriously, her new guy looks like a little troll. *barf*

    Clearly her stupidity shows that she does not deserve the awesomeness of Mr. Ryan Gosling. I pity the girl. (hehe)

    #TeamCoco for life.

    Lisa Rinna...I remember her for the old Days of Our Lives. Those big lips tried to steal Bo from Hope. UGH. Glad she got her lips fixed.

    I hope you are having a great vacation. xoxo


  2. Suprise Im lurking in the open to tell you that I love your blog! You are so funny keep up the good work!


  3. ok now - im here. please dont go all vacation on my this week. im taking a long weekend that begins at 4pm tomorrow and the excitement of seeing a close friend in another state is coursing through my body making it very hard to work. so the gs in the am gives me something to focus on on my computer screen so my office doesnt call me a vago and send me home. see? i need you!

    in unrelated news... bradenton is the town north of where i grew up - and... not to label an entire town, but its known for "paleskin refuse" if you know what i mean... so im not shocked... just disgusted

    peace out....

  4. it totally removed my tags dang it... that post started with < /lurk > and then ended with < lurk >

  5. Ok, ok. Fine. I am a lurker. I love, love, LOVE your blog. I laugh out loud in my cubicle everyday at the WTF's! Keep it up!

  6. "Lurking" ..... Have a great Vacation!!!

  7. Ginger I love your Blog it is the best. when i worked at Gymboree i did Lisa Rinna's daughter's birthday party Harry was there too o Tip and i was Gymbo. Have a great time on you Vacay .

  8. *delurks* What about fat baby girls? I love your blog and read every post, sorry for being a lurking lurky lurker xxx

  9. I love that all the lurkers came out!

    I'd just like to give this lil PSA...don't do drugs, people. You have NO IDEA who's bum they've been in before you smoke/snort/shoot them. Ick.

    Does this mean I can date Ryan Gosling? Hubba hubba.

    Conan ad = Serious WIN

    Lisa Rinna..I was never a Days fan and I still wanted to smack the silicone out of her mouth. She looked ridiculous for 20+ years.

    Lastly, I want my pic taken in front of a CarBQ. :(

  10. OMG you de-lurkers seriously MADE MY DAY. (keep em coming!)

    @Anonymous who worked at Gymboree... I was a total Gymboree mom with all my kids... at the Northridge one until they closed it. Perhaps one day we can meet in person and sing the "clean up" song together. Hey, a girl can dream...

    CurlyMoomin... that is a very good question. I was a fat baby girl and I'm doing just fine in that department if you know what I mean. I wonder if that's enough data to prove it.

    ChristineMarie, that is the BEST anti-drug statement I've ever heard!

    Carrie, I'm so glad GS makes you LOL in your cubicle!

    KimFoo, your lurk, delurk html tags ROCK. And "Paleskin Refuse"???? LMAO!!

    Ashleigh, I wouldn't say Michael Sheen looks like a troll... have you watched "Underworld"? Nom nom nom. He's Lucian the king of the werewolves. And not fluffy Twilight werewolves... we're talking rip your throat out werewolves. He's some serious hunk, but again... there's the whole dumping Ryan Gosling part that will forever taint her.

    Thank you also to PinkyLips29 and Elaine for de-lurking!

  11. I remember the Days days and that lip. I didn't even know what collagen injections were but was certain her lips were not natural. *shudders* Speaking of which, did you hear that Bo and Hope... oh, sorry... flashback.

    I'm not lurking. I'm here. Besides I stalk you on Twitter, FB and text.

    <3 you

    Laura, the artist formerly known as Spank.

  12. *lurking in back* still recovering from Disney

  13. i read you every single day..i dont comment so often..bad me..first of all I do find conans teaser a little sexy...but only cuz there is nothing more sexy than funny....seriously...i also think that rachel and ryan should be together...but who knows...
    i think it is time for more pictures of your bunny and naked cat...eitehr here or on the purple blog...anyhow keep them coming...i llove love love your blog

  14. *walks out dark corner...takes off hood and glasses* Forgive my lurking Aunt Ginger; I'm kind of shy :) I absolutely love your blog! You always make me El Oh El.
    Mmm mmm, I love me some Michael Sheen! :D

  15. Holy shit that vintage ad is terrible, and I would shove that mixer up that smiling dude's ass. But thats
    Im glad she got her lip fixed, it was distracting even if I never watched Days.
    Hope your enjoying your vacation!

  16. Wow! So many lurkers delurked-Hooray! I'm a little late today-but I have an excuse-it's my dog shelter volunteer day...

    Sooo, while I certainly worship at the feet of Ryan Gosling and got to talk to him for like 15 seconds (he's just even hotter in person-and supernice!) - I kind of love Michael Sheen-he seems terribly charming. And so, I like them together < ducks > ...

    Oh I remember those Days days! And the weirdo lip. (And is that Michael Moore in the background of that pic?)

    Love the Conan teaser!!! And his ginger beard!

  17. In the vintage add, she looks like she is smiling because she knows where she is going to put the "white stuff."

  18. Picksee77 - OMGEE!! I would so die if I got to talk to Ryan for like even 1 second. Seriously, Mr. G's met him and you! I have heard he is super duper nice. #luckylucky

    I just don't see Michael Sheen as attractive...but that's okay..I have my eyes on her ex. hehe