Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Doggone Blues

Ticklish Tuesday to you my little gingersnaps! Are you having a good week? Cause I've gotta say mine's actually going pretty well.

The weather in Anus, France is a slightly drizzly 55 degrees today. And I for one must agree, if there is to be a city named Anus, it should be in France. What? Okay, okay... they did give us those yummy fries and kissing and not to mention the croissanwich. But I still stand behind (get it? behind?) *cue the groaning* the fact that the city is appropriately named. Speaking of... I'm hoping you don't have any personal problems like hemorrhoids because traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper this morning and you will likely spend a while sitting on your... well... anus.

In the news, a troubled town in Pennsylvania laid off 9 city workers, INCLUDING A POLICE DOG. Seriously? They laid off a police dog? What, was he trying to hold out for a raise or something? What are they feeding him, truffles? Did he want a more expensive dog bed? Really?

Source: apnews

Poor Wando. I hope they at least gave him a watch. Or a gold-plated shock collar.

In other news, J.K. Rowling has decided to play with our heart strings by telling Oprah she thinks the Harry Potter books are complete, but she's not 100% sure, and could see herself writing an 8th and 9th book. But probably not.

Source: popeater

Ms. J.K. Rowling... you don't seem to realize what you're doing to us... how you can affect us... how you can make our lives worth living... or not!!! DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND??!!! *points wand at self and threatens to utter an Unforgivable Curse*

In other news, Nick Lachey showers with Vanessa Minnillo twice a day and doesn't even try to put the moves on her. I'm not questioning Nick's manhood but... ok yes I am. Vanessa goes on to explain that they have dual showerheads and have great conversations while they are shampooing their hair. Vanessa says, "It's not a sexual thing, and it's not a romantic thing."

Source: People

Mr. Ginger and I have dual showerheads in our shower too, and he always wants to "talk" while we are shampooing our hair too. *cough*

And now it's time for...

Awesome Vintage Ad Of The Day!

Please Mommy, calm yourself with some nicotine before you flip out and shake me too hard.

Hey, WTF???!!!

funny wedding photos - That Was Quick! Fully Clothed Even!

I'm wondering if the groom even knew his bride was that fertile. BAM!

And that's all the time I have for today. Have yourselves a peachy Tuesday and we'll meet back here same time, same place tomorrow. Probably. But before we go, there's something you should know...

Sticky rice was used as mortar for the Great Wall of China.

Slaked lime, the customary ingredient in mortar, was combined with the rice to form a bond so tight that now, 600 years later, weeds still cannot grow between the bricks in many places!

-OMG Facts



  1. The babies in the Marlboro ad are so sad and disturbing! Please mama, don't beat me! Have a smoke instead!

    The showering together seems a little, ohhhh, I don't know...TMI?! I mean, fine, have your creepy love showers, but keep that time private. Tell us about how you bike ride together, or go on picnics!

  2. That ad couldnt be better if it was selling sex toys...lol And they wouldnt even have to change that many words...lol
    The Nick shower thing is kind of strange. But to each his own I guess.