Monday, October 11, 2010

Columbus Day

It's a National Holiday which means I get the day off blogging too, right? So let's sit back and celebrate the "discovery" of America by the man who killed twice the number of people Hitler killed. Holy Uncomfortable Topic Batman! Yeperdoodle. Christopher Columbus was later convicted in a Spanish court for "Crimes of Humanity" which was their term for Genocide. He was said to have personally killed 500,000 and ordered the deaths of some 15 million natives. Not to mention that 500 years prior to 1492, Leif Erikson and the Vikings landed on, and had a settlement in the Americas. But who really cares about accuracy when it comes to history, right?

Yep, that's what you get for having a blogger who is also a homeschooler. *stepping off my rarely used soapbox*

On a lighter note... here's Grover in a shower, giving the Old Spice guy a run for his money.

And if that didn't help lighten the mood... KITTENS!!!!!

Come on... you know you want one. And if you're still hatin' on the hairless kitties... this one was made 'specially for you. My own personal kitty....

Enjoy your day off today and I'll see you tomorrow. Have a hairless kitty kind of day!



  1. Yay first one! I so want a hairless kitty, like so freaking
    Loved the Grover old spice commercial, it made me laugh lots!

  2. I love the Grover video. Grover is awesome.

    Wait...don't you want to know how my weekend was?

    I'm staring to think those little Gremlins, I mean, Sphynx cats might be cute after all...maybe...sort of...well, I'm glad that one has a momma like you that loves them so.

  3. Yes, it's Columbus Day. The day that we should all celebrate by walking into some strangers house and announcing that we now live there. If they don't leave, we kill them!

  4. I never knew that about columbus...jerk...not you..him..i loved all yoiur videos..all of them..those hairles kitties are just so darn cute...especially the one in the bath tub...and yours too...of course...especially the one where he is standing in the window ...i knwo we have seen that photo before but i love it every time i see it...I LOVE YOUR COUCH...I WANT YOUR COUCH...IT LOOKS SO COMFY.. and i know you didnt ask...but it is Thanksgiving in Canada...and i am all alone in the yukon territories cuz my hubby had to go to victoria where all my family is..(not his...mine) so I am all alone with the mutt..oh well..oh...and..oh i cant remember what i was going to say....there are some really beautiful houses up here...i may go make like columbus and get myself some new digs...

  5. Scaarlet, I think if we're to take a page out of Columbus' book, we kill them even if they don't resist. Jerky McJerkster.

    MJ's Owner (tee hee) I did NOT know it was Canada's Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving, eh? <-- I'm speaking Canadian there. I'm glad you like my couch. We love it too. Did I mention the cushions are down filled? Yep. Come on over and I'll let you sit on it as long as you want. And then you can pet my hairless kitty. Oh wait... that doesn't sound right at all.