Monday, October 25, 2010

Bad Hangover

Marketable Monday to you all, my little gingersnaps. Did ya miss me? I'm baaaaack.

The weather in Asbestos, Quebec is 57 degrees and rainy today. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to live in that city. Without a mask, anyway.

You might also want to wear a mask when you're driving to work today, as traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper and you're likely to inhale the fumes of the cars next to you.

In the news, a would-be robber pulled a fake gun on a store clerk. The store clerk promptly grabbed the fake gun and proceeded to beat and bloody the robber, leading him to be hospitalized.

Source: apnews

Seriously... the guy tries to rob a store with a fake gun... he deserves to be beat with it. What?

In celebrity news, Mel Gibson got axed from his cameo in "Hangover 2" because some of the cast threatened to do walk-outs if he was in the movie. Mel is furious that no one had a problem with Mike Tyson's cameo, when he's a convicted drug user and rapist. He feels everyone deserves a second chance.

Source: popeater

Can you give a second chance to someone who hasn't yet turned their life around? Sorry Mel... it will be a loooooooooooong time before we forget about your misdeeds, if ever.

In news marked, "DUH", Octomom's doctor says he's sorry he ever treated her for fertility and that when she came to him for fertility treatment, he should've sent her in for a mental health evaluation instead.

Source: popeater

While teary, he swears it will never happen again. Hmmm... maybe he should be awarded guardian of the eight babies he helped her conceive.

And now it's time for...

Awesome Vintage Ad Of The Day...

Source: pleatedjeans

I had no idea you could get babies out of a catalog. Why on earth did I go through so much paperwork and background checks for adoption? Good thing I didn't know about this before! Attention: if you are my social worker, I'm totally kidding. I do not regret adopting my kids legally.

Hey, WTF??!!!

fashion fails - Such a Thing as Too Much Weed
see more Poorly Dressed

I get the old hippie thing, I do. What I don't get is why Granny isn't braiding that beard of hers. She could be hanging beads from that puppy. Or marijuana.

And that's all the time for today, keep your friends close, and your enemies closer, but you can pretty much ignore your acquaintances. Oh, and one last thing...

In 2002, Starbucks had to recall promotional posters because their imagery reminded people of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

The poster....


** On a completely different note... you've probably noticed my book recommendations on my sidebar and what I'm currently reading and most recently finished book. Are you guys interested in me discussing books/blogging reviews of the books I recommend? Yes? No? Maybe? Let me know! Yes, even you lurkers. I want to hear from you.


  1. Hey Ginger!!!!

    I've missed you. :-(

    I would love love love to chat about books. I think you and Laura have recommended most of all the books I've read and I need to talk about them!

    <3 you!

  2. Why helloooo! And welcome back!

    Ditto about the a solid book nerd-I always love hearing more about books and what people recommend-and even more so, love the discussions!

    Love the picture they chose of Mel for the Hangover 2 story - he looks totally crazy in that picture-like murderously crazy.

    And Octodoctor is only sorry b/c now they're threatening to take his license. I like your idea Ginger-he gets to take care of said babies.

    And, I'm speechless about the baby poster-is that an ad for why it's bad? Why was that ever made?!

    And finally-the Starbucks thing is just wild. I mean, I get it, I do-but it's a dragonfly. And fruity drinks. Wild.

  3. books...hell ya!! anything about books!!

  4. YAY! Missed you, G! Hope you had a fantabulous week!

    Yes, books are ok with me! I've been trying to read a lot these days and cannot get enough recommendations...even though I have a list so long it will take until I'm 102 to read them all! :)

  5. I agree with everyone else about the books.
    Im really speechless about baby ad. How did that baby breathe in that box, it had no air holes.
    Octodoctor should get checked out himself for helping her get pregnant, he should have known that was a bad idea.