Thursday, September 30, 2010

Oscar The Orange

Thunderous Thursday to you all, my little snaps! It was actually thunderous last night here in LA. Which is odd because we almost never get thunder or lightning here. That's right... when it rains in LA, there is no racing to get out of the pool like you have to in Florida for fear of being struck by lightning. Fun trivia fact: Did you know in Orlando, they teach lightning safety to the young kiddos? It's true. Cause Florida is lightning capital of the world. Ok well technically Orlando is second behind Rwanda, but still. Back to last night in LA... all three kids rushed outside to view this strange phenomenon called "Lightning" and they heard "explosions" that I informed them were actually called "thunder" (not even kidding). But the most exciting site in front of our house? A double rainbow. All the way. I don't even know what it means.

The weather in Royalty, Texas is a sunny 89 degrees today. Seriously, Royalty? As if Texans don't already think enough of themselves, they've got to name one of their towns Royalty? I can make fun of Texans since I married one. What? hook 'em horns I'll tell you when you won't be treated like royalty... commuting on the 405 this morning since traffic is bumper to bumper. But you are likely to see some Texans during your commute. They're the ones with all the Texas paraphernalia plastered all over their cars, just so you never ever actually mistake them from belonging to any other state other than Texas. You Texans know I'm right.

In the news, someone hijacked a Little Debbie Delivery Truck, stealing thousands of dollars worth of snacks. The thieves left a trail of empty boxes and snack wrappers but still were not found and police are still looking for the thieves.

Source: apnews

I could've sworn I didn't leave any wrappers behind. I mean, that's awful, I hope they catch those horrible thieves.

In the Glamour UK poll, Robert Pattinson and Emma Watson were voted the Best Dressed Brits. WAIT A GOSH DARN MINUTE HERE. Emma? Yes, absolutely, but Robert-I-don't-wash-my-hair-Patterson? What in the flim flam is going on? Yes, he cleans up well when SOMEONE ELSE IS DRESSING HIM FOR A PREMIERE. But the man owns like two pairs of pants and has questionable hygiene at best. Come on!

Source: popeater

LOOK! Here is Mr. Pattinson in all his "Best Dressed" Glory, arriving in LAX. Best Dressed? Really? Orlando Bloom dresses better than he does.

Come on guys... even the most hardcore RPattz fans have got to admit he does not fit that category. I don't care how beautiful he looks with raindrops running down his face while he explains how his family is "different" to Bella.

Speaking of hunky brits... If you don't know who Alex Pettyfer is, you should! He's the lead in the upcoming movie, "I Am Number Four".

Here's the trailer for you. Watch it. Now.

Source: JustJared

It's from this book. Read it. Now. I'm not usually this pushy, but it's really good. And when have I ever steered you wrong before? Trust me. If you buy the book and don't like it, I'll even refund your money. Ok, not really. But still... it's definitely a good read. Just picture hunky Alex Pettyfer as Number 4 when you read it. And BTW, I don't waste my time reading books that I'm not willing to trade sleep for. And if you haven't yet noticed my list on the sidebar of books I love... check it out. They are ALL books I've traded sleep for. And I'm a woman who loves my sleep!

And now it's time for...

Awesome Vintage Ad Of The Day!

Cause there's really nothing sexier than a guy who walks right up to you and blows a bunch of cigarette smoke in your face.

Hey, WTF??!!

Source: ridingabuttertub

Mommy! Daddy! Check out these adorable kittens!!! Hey, what's that smell?

And that's all the time I have for today. I don't really have any advice or words of wisdom today, so make up your own! And until then, there something you should know...

-OMG Facts

WHAT?!! You mean everything I thought about Oscar being green was a lie??? Next they're going to tell me that Maria and Luis were not really married!



  1. LOL.
    You said Robert Patterson....

    Oscar is always and forever green in my heart. <3

  2. Um, I think he's still orange...under that mold he picked up in the garbage can he's lived in for many years.

    So, I move a lot and/or I move a lot to states that need to be made fun of...b/c I lived many a year in Texas...annnd, yes, you're right.

    I love the clever writing from the ad..."Do yourself a flavor..." HA! I'm going to try to work that into my vernacular.

    (And no, Robert does not fit in that category-even his cool bummy look generally looks just bummy).

  3. Alex Pettyfer is pretty...

    Robert should not be on that list. He cleans up really nicely, but he probably has a ton of

    I think the baby skunks are cute, but Im a

    I think I would punch a dude in the face if he blew smoke in my