Monday, September 27, 2010

Mars Attacks

Meandering Monday to you all. This is the time in our show where YOU, the readers, share your weekends with ME via the comments. It's ok. This is a safe place. No one will judge you, unless you continue to lurk and then all bets are off.

The weather in Fertile, Minnesota is a partly cloudy 70 degrees. You know what would really suck? To be infertile while living in Fertile, Minnesota. Hey, not making fun of infertiles, had a period of infertility myself. Whoa... holy uncomfortable topic, Batman. I kid, I kid. It happened. I lived, I adopted and now I have more kids than I know what to do with. Just don't tell the social worker I said that.

In the news, a Brazilian man got in a bar fight and then was followed home by assailants who stabbed him in the head. Doctors worried removing the blade would cause brain damage so he left the knife in his head. I wonder if he kept the handle attached, because he could decorate it for holidays. Anywho, THREE YEARS LATER, his headaches were so severe he felt brain damage was worth the risk of getting the knife out, so he opted for surgery. Looks like he's doing well and should be released soon from the hospital.

Source: apnews

On the down side, now that his headache excuse is gone, he'll have to start putting out.

In diva news, Fergie got carted around LAX in a hot pink American Airlines passenger cart because she's disabled traveling with kids has too much luggage to carry on her own a celebrity.

Source: JustJared

I have a brand new #girlcrush, and I mean it in the most heterosexual way possible. I was told that I MUST watch the show "Veronica Mars" especially since all 3 seasons are available in the "Watch It Now" Queue. So Mr. Ginger and I started watching it and we're totally hooked. And then we saw "You Again" this weekend at the theater (also starring Kristen Bell) and loved it. Now I hear that Kristen Bell wants Veronica Mars to be made into a movie so bad she's willing to pony up the money to do it. Rob Thomas (the creator) has penned a script that Joel Silver is willing to direct, but Warner Brothers (who owns the show) says no and won't budge.

Source: Popeater

Dear big studios who keep canceling our favorite shows... give the viewers what they want! And by "viewers", I mean "me" and by "want" I mean "Veronica Mars Movie". kthxbai

Oh, and if you have Netflix and haven't yet watched Veronica Mars... you have no excuse. It's FREE under the Instant Queue. What are you waiting for?

Always want to be prepared in case of emergencies, like terrorist attacks? Where is your emergency respiratory device in case of nuclear disasters, etc? Now you can use the Emergency Bra! At first sign of an emergency, whip off your bra and place it over your nose and mouth. Mmmmm cleavage sweat. And the good news is that you will have two cups... one for you, one for your friend. Better choose a really good friend who won't mind the cleavage sweat stank.

Source: foxnews

It sounds like a good idea, except for those of us big chested women. I'm afraid if I stuck my own bra over my face and mouth, it would cover my eyes too and knowing me, I'd trip and break my neck, which might end up hurting me more in the long run. Yep, I'll keep my lacy purple Victoria Secret bra. Of course you know it's purple.

And now... here is one of the coolest proposals I've ever seen. Giving guys everywhere inspiration or dread as this guy just raised the bar exponentially. Really I just wanted to use the word exponentially in a sentence.

Source: wedinator

And now it's time for....

Awesome Vintage Ad Of The Day:

That's right you Nazis that aren't carpooling. You get to ride in your own carpool lane AND join the Axis. But you should know... even the carpool lane is bumper to bumper on the 405.

And that's all the time I have for today. I'll meet you back here tomorrow. Same time, same place. Until then, I dare you to find one of these animals (below) that you're about to learn about. You know, as far as I'm concerned, they could have just named Grolar Bears and Pizzlies "Dangerous". Pizzlies just sound like something you want to snuggle up with bounce up and down on a hard surface.

- OMG Facts



  1. In Massachusetts, our Renaissance Festival called King Richard's Faire has both Ligers and Tiglons ... the Ligers are scary big and the Tiglons are freakin adorable.

    As for how I spent my weekend ... I may have been stranded in the Bahamian tropics, being sunburned in places I didn't even realize the sun could REACH. I was happy to come home and read all you've been up to!

  2. It was our 7 year anniversary this weekend, so we spent it celebrating - breakfast, a "toy" store, a candy shoppe, the park, a movie, and dinner.

  3. This weekend was full of packing for a trip to NOLA for my brother's wedding next weekend,cleaning and just general housewifery. I need a do over. Next weekend will rock my socks though, so we'll say it was worth it.

  4. I had a successful weekend removing crappy wallpaper from my daughter's bedroom and painting it. Now it looks adorable. Oh, except for that steam burn I got on Friday on my whole hand. Owie.

    What the hell is Fergie wearing? Did she suddenly turn into Mrs. Roper?

    That proposal was so ridiculously adorable. Even more adorable than that mismatched couple. C'mon, let's face it...they don't match. But they are totally cute and who wouldn't marry a guy that proposed like that?!

    Did Napoleon Dynamite draw that Liger?

  5. That proposal was too cute! And, yes, I was thinking they were a little mismatched :) But, too cute!

    The emergency bra is just so wrong and hilarious! And, why does it have to be red?!

    My weekend was fantastic-thanks for asking! I spent the weekend in New Orleans with my sister and a couple of old friends. We ate awesome food, had many a beverage for adults, and went to the Succubus Club, a vampire themed party for The Grand Masquerade vampire role playing game that our friend was a guest artist at- so we got the hookup for a night of free drinks and seeing some interesting costumes. Oh, and there was fangbanger burlesque. And, apparently we stood out as non-role playing gamers b/c we kept being asked why were there...and even got called hipsters. Dear god, I got called a hipster. OH! And, I had 2 celebrity sitings - Kieran Culkin and Anna Camp (aka Sarah Newlin) in the french quarter. I never get to see celebrities in New Orleans & I got to see 2 in one weekend! Awesome.

  6. I'm seriously loving all the weekend re-caps. Keep it up! Miss D, how cool you've seen Tiglons and Ligers!

    Picksee, What an amazing weekend you had! Sounds like it was awesome!

    Happy Anniversary Tigger! I'm guessing a trip to the "toy" store doesn't mean Toys R Us. Am I right? *wink*

  7. Blogger ate my comment. Twice.

    So I will be brief: my weekend was exhausting, and the highlight was the bag of skittles and piece of Nestle Tollhouse Pie I ate yesterday.

    Took a nap today. That helped.

  8. I'm a semi-frequent lurker. Thanks for the Veronica Mars tip. I'll check it out. I'm looking for something to get my mind off The Tudors, and nothing's helping! My weekend...sprayed for ticks, woohoo!

  9. Yay Julie-semi-frequent-lurker for temporarily leaving lurkdom!! (good name, by the way) ;)

    Definitely check out Veronica Mars. My hubby and I are hooked.

  10. My weekend was good. =]
    Starfield Concert was amazing.
    and you should look at them. =] they rock.
    Great Christian band.

    I LOL'ed at your "more children that i know what to do with." Comment.

    Oh my gosh.
    I would rather suffer the consequences than have to deal with my own big boob boob sweat...
    How was YOUR weekend Ginger?! =]
    I doubt anyone asked you.

  11. Meghanface,

    Thanks for the music rec. I'll definitely have to check them out! My weekend was lovely, and relaxing until Mr. Ginger walked into the couch and broke his toe. But years of First Aid under my belt and I performed the very delicate task of taping his one toe to the other. They should pay me for such medical care! All in all, a pretty good weekend. Thanks for asking!

  12. There is a vampire RPG in NOLA??? *dies* I'm soooo in next weekend!! I do it online now I can actually be one in real life!! *dies*

  13. I'm not sure if there is always a Vampire RPG going on in NOLA? It was for a convention or some such-The Grand Masquerade or something-I think was related to Vampire Masquerade? I'm not terribly familiar with it. BUT, some of the people I met were local, so perhaps it is always happening?

  14. Sorry Im late, but my weekend kind of ran over, and it wasnt fun..My car wouldnt start Friday so I had my uncle and grandpa look at it. They never figured out why it doesnt start sometimes but changed my brakes and all kinds of things I dont understand. I did see You Again Saturday and the movie was super funny.
    The Hitler ad scares me. Loved the IPhone proposal, wish my boyfriends, of 8 years, would pop the question.