Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lying Is Legal

Terrifying Tuesday to you all, my little snaps. Give yourselves a round of applause if you told me about your weekend yesterday. You, my little snaps are my favorite readers. You lurkers take note. You'll get your chance again next week.

The weather in Future City, Illinois is a sunny 93 degrees today. Were the city planners thinking it would be a city in the future and were too lazy to change its name? Or is it supposed to be a city OF the future? Anyone? Anyone? Traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper, so it will likely be a long time in the future before you reach your destination.

In the news, a Georgia man (Shelby Marwan Heggs), with a criminal past, facing charges of aggravated battery next month, has petitioned to legally change his name to Saint Jody Almighty Bedrock. He says he wants everyone to address him as if they are talking to a man of God. The district attorney in his case is opposing the name change, stating that he is using it to try and hide his criminal past. He says he just wants a fresh start.

Source: apnews

Well I think I'll follow his example and change my name to Lady Gingersnaps of the Western Marshes. You can just start calling me that from now on.

Newsbreak: It is perfectly legal to lie to the cops repeatedly. Paris Hilton finally admitted the purse is hers, and she didn't think the cocaine was gum, that it was in fact her cocaine, in return for getting no jail time. No consequences for lying about it several times to the cops. Hey isn't she a prior felon with an arrest record? Oh hey, that doesn't matter. Because she is famous and has a lot of money.

Source: TMZ

Isn't it kind of reassuring to know that money really can buy everything? Yeah I hate her too.

On a different and refreshing note, Nicole Richie was photographed in a bikini with a much healthier body than her infamous skeletor bikini days. Good on you, Nicole! You look fantastic.

Source: usmagazine

And that brings us to our most recent addition to Gingersnaps In The Morning...

Awesome Vintage Ad Of The Day:

What a catchy slogan. "You can't beat the Axis if you get VD." Simply Brilliant.

Hey, WTF??!!

Funny wedding Photos - Hannibal Lecter's Bride

Ok someone help me out here. Is this a wedding S&M mask? Or perhaps a Mexican Wrestler wedding? Why are her boobs hanging out? Pretty lacework though.

And that's all the time I have for today. May today be twice as good as yesterday but not as good as tomorrow and half as good as Friday. But speaking of axis... I leave you with this food for thought...

The swastika originally symbolized good luck.

The word swastika stems from the Sanskrit words svastika-s, which means “being fortunate,” and svasti-s, meaning “well-being, or luck.” However, that all changed in 1932 – the year in which it was first associated with Germany’s Nazi party.

-OMG Facts



  1. If I change my name to Saint Paris of the Hilton, can I get a free nights stay at the Hilton and free illegal parking? Thats really all I need.

  2. Good morning Lady Gingersnaps *curtsies*

    I say let the man call himself Saint Jody. Why? Because when he gets arrested again, I will have a blast saying "Well, Saint Jody smokes weed..why can't I?"

    And I will be sure to wait until I am rich and famous to get arrested so I can get out of it...time after time after time again. This pisses me off. If all of America is tired of this girl getting off any charges, why isn't the penal system? (*giggle* penal system) Even when she violates her probation, they'll throw her in a cell for 3 days and then have a big press party when she gets out. Ri-goshdarn-diculous.

    YAY! Nicole Richie is gorgeous again! How did she turn out so well rounded and her bestie is STILL an idiot? Maybe if you have Lionel Richie for a daddy, you aren't going to turn out "easy like Sunday morning". #justsayin

    *stepping down from soapbox*

    See you tomorrow!

  3. I whiipp my haaair back and forth, I whiipp my haair back and forth! That song! I can't get it out of my head! Ahhh!

    But, I'm dealing with it :)

    I grew up in Illinois and I've never heard of Future City-so I can be of no help as to why they are called Future City. I checked it out on a map b/c I was like, whuuu?! And, it's pretty close to Metropolis. Maybe it's all Comic Book central down in Southern Illinois-I had no idea!

    She May Look Clean indeed...but no...dun dun dunnnn! She's a good time girl!

  4. You need more proof being rich gets you out of trouble, compare Paris Hilton who violated her prole to Lindsey Lohan, who violated her prole and now gets to spend a couple months in jail...
    Love the "She looks clean..." poster...lol I think they still need those hanging around...lol