Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kosher Meat

Tantalizing Tuesday to you all. I survived the first day back at homeschool, so here I am. Though whether or not I survived with my mind intact is another question entirely.

The weather in Pissy, France is a cloudy 70 degrees today. I think Pissy is a very appropriate name for a French town, don't you? Traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper, so put on some relaxing music to keep you from acting French.

In the news, a Georgia man poured himself a bowl of cereal. After he had taken his first bite, he "claims" he found a used tampon in his cereal bowl. He then spit out the cereal, became nauseated and WENT TO AN EMERGENCY ROOM.

Personally, I'm think either the missus placed it there when the man wasn't looking in some sort of passive aggressive stunt, or the pair set it up to try to get a settlement. I mean, come on. I find that highly unlikely that the machine that makes and boxes the cereal would be having a period. Machines don't even have periods. I think.

Source: apnews

Anywho, why did the guy go to the ER? Can you go to the ER for just being grossed out? Apparently you can.

Speaking of being grossed out, Kate Gosselin went on a vacation by herself to Mexico. And by "by herself" I mean she went with her bodyguard and rumored boyfriend (who is married).

Source: TMZ

Hmmm... I wonder what she's going to do on this vacation all by her lonesome. Actually I'm not wondering. I have a pretty good idea what she's doing. I think I just grossed myself out so much that I need to go to the ER.

Congratulations to Sacha Baron Cohen & his wife Isla Fisher on the new addition to their family that they've been able to keep out of the public eye, until now. The couple is known for being fiercely private. No word yet on if it is a boy or girl. Only proof of its existence is this picture of them with their daughter AND an infant stroller.

Source: people

Though really, it could be anything in that stroller. Perhaps they wanted to take a baby hedgehog on a walk. Or an angora rabbit. Or a midget. What?

Lady Gaga sat down with Ellen to discuss why Gaga has been wearing meat. Ellen, a vegan, was a little put off by it. Gaga offers two reasons why she's wearing meat: 1. If we don't stand up for what we believe in, if we don't fight for our rights, pretty soon we're going to have as much rights as the meat on our bones. 2. She's not a piece of meat.

Source: popeater

I said before, I've been drinking the Lady Gaga kool-aid, but WTF is she talking about? I'm pretty sure she doesn't know what she's talking about either. I think she just wanted to wear a meat dress. *shrugs*

Hey, WTF??!!! In honor of the recent Jewish New Year, here's one of the best choreographed wedding surprises I've seen, which happens to be at a Jewish wedding.

Source: wedinator

Suddenly I want to be Jewish AND in that family! And that's all the time I have for today. Why don't you surprise your co-workers with a choreographed dance. Bet it would make the workday much more fun. Until then, I will leave you a bit of Chinese wisdom...

In China, finishing all the food in a meal is considered to be rude.

-OMG Facts



  1. Isla Fischer is SOOOO not happy about that photo being taken. I don't blame her in the least, but if I as the photog I'd be scurred!

    Why is used-tampon-er-man going after the grocery store? Why wouldn't he go after the manufacturer? Was the box of cereal open? And how do you NOT notice something like that until AFTER taking a bite??

  2. That meat outfit is scary. And I'm with Picksee77, how do you not notice a tampon in your cereal? And what in the hell is the ER going to do about it? Pump his stomach? Men arent smart sometimes...lol

  3. Why does Gaga always pose naked if she's not a piece of meat? Just wondering.

    Best. Wedding. Ever.

    Sorry, China. I am one seriously rude asshole at every meal. Don't EVER invite me to dinner. Especially if you're serving Sesame Chicken. XP

  4. ChristineMarie, LMAO at your China comment!!!