Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gators and Possums and Redheads, Oh My!

Widespread Wednesday to you all, my peeps. We are officially at hump day. So far I've survived two full days back at homeschooling, though the jury is out whether or not I'll make it the entire week. Let's hope so.

The weather in Lets Rest and Be Thankful, Scotland today is a partly cloudy 55 degrees with drizzle. Sounds lovely. *shakes head no* Though truth be told, if I found myself in Scotland, I probably would rest and be thankful. I'm trying to talk Mr. Ginger into moving our family to Scotland so our kids can grow up with little Scottish accents. That would be awesome. I'll tell you what's not awesome... the fact that traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper today. If you don't have to take that freeway to work this morning, rest and be thankful.

In the news, a crossing guard noticed a 7 foot alligator lounging near an elementary school. As she and some deputies waited for the trapper to show up, the gator started walking toward the children. The trapper did show up in time and no children were eating.

Source: apnews

Though really, the gator was probably just hungry. And since there are gators in every body of water in Florida (approximately 1 million total) you could say that the kids were in the gator's natural habitat. Could you really blame the gator? Tasty elementary school kids taunting him by having their school so near to his pond. Poor gator. I love all gators that don't play football. Especially fried.

In Totally-Not-Fair News, Lady Gaga was allowed to board a plane with her handcuffs because there is no TSA rule prohibiting them.

Source: TMZ

Note to self: Nail clippers --> NOT allowed; Handcuffs--> ALLOWED

Common Sense--> NOT allowed.

Do you play golf? Perhaps you'd like to accompany Owen Wilson on your next tournament. You know, to block the view for the paps when he decides to take a leak on the green. Or perhaps hold an empty bottle out for him.

Source: thesuperficial

Or maybe he was trying to sabotage the course for the other players. Or perhaps he thinks he's entitled and can do whatever he wants he really had to go.

Hey, it's Mel Gibson under that disguise yesterday in Los Angeles. Can't imagine why he'd want to go incognito.

Source: TMZ

I'm loving the glasses and fake stash. I think it shows off his... very large nose.

Oh hey, WTF??!! Do NOT put fake nails on an opossum. No NO no.

Source: pictureisunrelated

I've given pedicures to many possums. That is, if whacking them with a shovel counts as a pedicure.

And that's all the time I have for today. Be good to yourself, but more importantly, be good to the redheads around you. Especially in light of this news...

-OMG Facts



  1. I think today I'm going to blog on how to give a chicken a pedicure. Or maybe on how to dress your roosters up like mafia hit men.

  2. Why would you paint the opossum's nails if you're just gonna cover them with booties...wait a minute..that's not what I meant.

    What I mean is ew. Ew. EW. (that goes both for the roadkill and for Owen.)

  3. Its one thing to let Lady Gaga on the plain with handcuffs but couldnt they have made her wear a pair of pants or even a shirt? They need to post a sign on all doors: No shirts, no pants, no plane rides for you!

    The opossum thing just weirds me

  4. Dang it Ginger. You ruined my plans for the evening.
    I was JUST getting ready to put fake nails on my opossum..

    Now I don't know what to do with my evening.