Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Easy Pickins

Tantalizing Tuesday to you all. Well you guys are finally giving me what I want with your weekend recaps. And we even got a lurker to de-lurk and tell us about her weekend. Hi Julie! *waves*

Did you know that yesterday was the hottest day in Los Angeles history? It's true. A whopping 113 degrees and it's almost October. And my 1/2 finished backyard pool is just sitting there, taunting me with visions of what it will look like in late November when it's finished and the weather is no longer hot. I'm telling you, when I'm ruler of the universe, I will not allow this to happen. There is still time to vote.

The weather in Translyvania, Louisiana is a sunny 77 degrees today. Is there a coincidence that there is a town named Translvania in Louisiana, when the lovely True Blood community resides there, AND they will be taping part of Breaking Dawn there? I think NOT! Still, those mosquitoes, flying roaches and fire ants are enough to keep me away, vampires or no vampires.

In the news, a Georgian leader is sick of city names like Green Acres and Mary Jane Lane keep having their signs stolen. Apparently it costs the area $17,000 a year to replace the signs. He thinks the solution is to change the names to boring ones.

Source: apnews

WHAT? Noooooooooooooo. What will I do if all these cities change their names to boring ones? How can I possibly keep doing this blog if that happens? Someone needs to take that guy out. And I mean, take him out for some ice cream and talk some sense into him.

In celebrity news, George Lopez and his wife of 17 years are divorcing. Guess she got tired of him cheating on her with hookers.

Source: JustJared

You know, years ago she gave him one of her kidneys to save his life. And then he used that kidney to screw hookers. I wonder if she gets it back in the divorce settlement. She should.

Just a little FYI: If your desk is behind the newscasters and can be seen live on the news, you probably should not pick your nose AND EAT IT during the broadcast. #justsayin

Woman Picks Nose During News Broadcast - Watch more Funny Videos

Source: DListed

In Twilight news, one of my least favorite #Lost characters (after Michelle Rodriguez) has been cast in the role of Irina. You know, the one who rats out the Cullens in revenge for the death of her lover Laurent. Well I cheered when she met her end in #Lost (I know, it's true... I'm a monster) and I probably will again when it happens in Breaking Dawn.

Source: extratv

You can see it on her face. I don't care if you heard she's the nicest person in the world. I don't believe it for a second, SHANNON!

And now it's time for...

Awesome Vintage Ad Of The Day!

Oh thank goodness they finally came out with a ketchup bottle that we women can open! Thank the heavens those sweet men were thinking of us and helping us to become more independent.

Hey, WTF??!!

Warming Up
Poorly Dressed

They make a Plus Size Store for Midgets? Oh I'm sorry, that wasn't nice. Let me restate that. They have a clothing store for Midget Chubbies? What?

And that's all the time I have for today. Send me some ice cubes so I make it through the rest of the week, or at least start pestering my pool company to get his men to work double shifts until it's completed. Until tomorrow, may this will get you through the day...

Sea cucumbers “breathe” through their butts.

A sea cucumber extracts oxygen from the water in a pair of ‘respiratory trees’ that are located inside of their body. In order to get the water into these ‘trees,’ it must draw water in through its anus!

-OMG Facts



  1. Booger snacks and chubby midgets in pleather for breakfast. Mmmmm

  2. Ginger, are you suggesting that as long as it is not on TV, it is okay to have a booger snack?

    Because my hubby spent part of the weekend expaining to me why boogers are so tantalizing to my toddler. I now know more about the chemical makeup of boogers than I ever wanted to know.

  3. The weather was wonky all over! It was downright cool here in the South.

    And, I must find Transylvania, LA!
    And the set for Breaking Dawn since production for it starts in Baton Rouge in just one month!
    (And don't forget the crazy number of large spiders, gigantic dragonflies, and stifling humidity!--Come on down to Looziana!)

    Maybe the rural Georgia county just needs to get better deals on signs-get em bulk--be prepared for the theft. And I love the justifcation behind why Harmony Hill is being stolen. Oh ho ho, those thieves do love them some alliteration!

  4. Sorry it was so hot in L.A. It was pretty nice in Cincy. The whole chubby midget had me rolling. lol I have never been to Louisiana so I have no comment on any of that...lol Loved the ad too. Makes me feel good about being a woman knowing I can open ketchup. Lol

  5. Yes Graceling, that's exactly what I'm saying. If you're not on TV, go right on ahead and have yourself a booger snack. ;)