Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Diamond Dogs

It's Hump day already, my little snaps. Kind of messes with your head, having a holiday on Monday. Or maybe it just messes with my head. *shrugs*

Anyway, the weather in Diamond, Oregon is a partly cloudy 71 degrees today. Sounds like a lovely place to live. Beats Latex, Texas, any day of the week. Traffic on the 405 is bumper to bumper, so feel free to take a peak at your own diamond or the diamond of the person in the lane next to you during your morning commute.

In the news, a honeymooning couple had to call a plumber because during the night, their cat batted the wife's 4 carat diamond engagement ring and an amethyst ring from the bathroom countertop into the toilet.

Source: apnews

Ok, first of all, who in their right mind leaves their 4 carat diamond engagement ring laying around? I'd superglue that baby to my ring finger! And, I hope they made a lovely handbag out of that kitty.

In other news, Rugby player Gavin Henson, also known as the douche that fathered two kids with Charlotte Church and repeatedly cheated on her before and after their marriage... has decided to go naked for male cancer awareness.

Why does everyone need to get naked for awareness? Yesterday we had naked cyclists for cycling awareness, now a douchebag Rugby player goes to Sears Portrait Studio to pose with some huskies, for male cancer. Mr. Ginger says he's going to volunteer to get naked to raise awareness for nakedness. Works for me.

Oh and I don't think douchebag needed such a large husky in front of him. Just saying. #CoulddaBeenAChihuahua

In D-List non-celebrity news, Heidi Montag tweeted, "Giving my self a soft tissue breast massage. Ladies we have to keep those implants soft."


Oh yeah, Heidi, I give myself a soft tissue breast massage all the time too. And by "I", I mean "Mr. Ginger". You know... to check for cancer and such. What?

In other news, Mike Tyson reveals his one regret in his life. That he never got high with Tupac Shakur. Mike says, "He always wanted me to smoke weed with him and I never did it, and wish I did. That's my biggest regret."

Source: popeater

I don't know, Mike. Smoking pot didn't seem to work out so well for Tupac. Maybe if he had invested a little more in kevlar than in weed... What? No nothing is sacred with me, apparently.

Hey, WTF??!!

Source: pictureisunrelated

Excuse me, is this a hyena-friendly dog park? And if not, what do you plan to do about it?

And that's all the time I have for today. You're at the hump. Tomorrow you'll be over it. Maybe this will help you get there...

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  1. News Flash Mikey - Some say Tupac is still alive and living in Mexico. You should go find him and make all you're dreams come true. *eye roll*

  2. Ooooo Tame One... You think Elvis is with him??? Mexico seems like a lovely place to visit these days. Full of adventure.

  3. Oh Mike Tyson, that's your biggest regret? Not abusing/raping women? No, not that? mmm, okay.

    And way to blame the cat for your rings falling into the toilet...

  4. Of course Elvis is with him! And probably Marilyn Monroe and Abraham Lincoln too.

  5. Why am I not surprised that not smoking with Tupac is his biggest regret. And why cant stars that I want to see naked feel the need to get naked for awareness. Like Kellan Lutz making awareness for anything. Im not

  6. Well, celebs have been going naked for PETA for awhile...and Kellan is a member. Maybe you'll get lucky there Lisa. ;)

    My husband keeps telling me to turn him into a diamond when he dies and wear him as a ring ( ). He really wants me to do it. It's kind of expensive. But it's the same price (or cheaper) than a burial. If I do end up doing that though, I will definitely not keep my husband sitting on the counter so some stupid cat can knock him into the toilet. Ha ha

  7. Scaarlet, Bwahahahaha!!! You cracked me up so hard with your whole thing about turning your hubby into a diamond and not leaving it where the stupid cat can bat it into the toilet. *still laughing*