Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tight Pants

Well hello my little gingersnaps. Happy Hump Day! The weather in Parachute, Colorado is a sunny 87 degrees today. I wonder if that's the birthplace of the Parachute Pants. I had a pair. They were comfy. So comfy, they might even make today's commute down the 405 more enjoyable, since traffic is bumper to bumper.

In the news, a woman went ape-sh*t because McDonalds wouldn't serve her McNuggets during the breakfast morning hours.

Source: apnews

Lucky for us, the security surveillance got the whole thing on tape. Which I have for my gentle viewers. You can fast forward to the 1:15 mark to where the McNugget-craving-looney gets out of the car and then the fun begins.

Makes you wonder what they put in their McNuggets, doesn't it? Not quite enough to go out and buy some, but makes you wonder.

I'd like to dedicate the rest of today's post to Jenny. Who rather than just walk out of the office and quit in a huff, took the time to creatively quit her job with a whiteboard and 33 pictures she emailed to the entire office.

Source: TheChive

Something tells me she won't have any trouble getting a new job.

And now for our WTF moment. I introduce you to the World's Tightest Pants! Thumbs up to the guy (or gal) who ninja video'd it for our enjoyment.

There's truly only one response for those pants. And that is the genius group that is known as Leslie and the Ly's.

You're welcome.



  1. How is it that I am both repelled by and compelled to watch the video??? Aaahhh thanks for starting my day off right!

  2. It's an eye bleach kind of day at Gingersnaps place, huh?

  3. God lord what is wrong with people. The funny thing about the video was the dude that rolled up after the lady went ape-shit and casually got his food and left like nothing happened. And those pants were crazy hideous.

  4. Too bad "Jenny" quitting was a hoax. It would have been great!

  5. Those pants are so very disturbing...and the length of the video is so disturbing too--just all that wedgyfull butt, right up in the camera.

    But, can't go wrong w/ some Leslie and the Lys!

  6. Yes, too bad the whiteboard quitting ended up being a hoax. Hopefully it will give inspiration to thousands of disgruntled employees!