Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Three Cheers For Elin

Tantalizing Tuesday to you all, my little snaps. Thank you to those of you who actually told me how your weekends went in yesterdays comments. I love you guys. Those of you who didn't tell me how your weekends were, I still love you, but not as much as I love the other guys. I expect more from you next Monday.

The weather in Devil's Beef Tub, Scotland, today is a partly cloudy 63 degrees. Scotland, WTH kind of name is that? Is that where Satan keeps his meat supply? Who takes care of the beef in the Devil's Beef Tub? Devil's cowboys?

In the news today, Nevada (pronounced Ne-vă-da by its natives) legislators are passing a bill, allowing for the pronunciation that all non-Nevada natives use (Ne-vah-da). They hope to show more tolerance by officially accepting both pronunciations.

Source: apnews

No word on if Louisiana (pronounced Looooooooosiana by its silly natives, including Mr. Ginger) will follow suit and accept the true pronunciation Lou-ee-see-anna. Too late for my kids. Mr. G has already brain-washed them into calling it Looooooooosiana. My poor young gingersnaps. Mama tried to raise you right, I TRIED!!!

In celebrity news, Elin Nordegren did women everyone a service by finalizing her divorce to Tiger Woods. In the divorce papers Elin stated that their marriage was irretrievably broken.

Source: JustJared

Elin also plans to drop "Woods" from her name and go back to Elin Nordegren. No word on whether Tiger has any sore feelings about Elin dropping his wood. O_o

Elizabeth Hurley wants us all to know that her boobs are iNatural, so she put the rumors to rest by tweeting about her boobs on Twitter.

Source: people

I'm thinking I should tweet that mine are too. I don't know of any rumors floating around that mine aren't iNatural, but tweeting about it should squash any potential future rumors.

Hey, WTF??!!!

Can I interest you in some Lighthouse Gummies?

Source: ridingabuttertub

And that's all the time I have for today. I'm not suggesting that you annoy the co-workers you don't like in order to amuse yourselves and get through the work week. That would be wrong. And kind of funny. But here's one thing that you must know, and I'm pretty sure it proves the True Blood vampires are real...

It is possible to cry tears of blood.

In 1984, a 15 year old girl in India was found crying blood while studying for exams.

Though it is often infused with supernatural or religious meanings, crying tears of blood is physically possible! This is a condition known as haemolacria, in which tears can either be partially or almost completely composed of blood.

-OMG Facts



  1. Apparently I have a dirty mind this morning because at first glance, those did NOT look like lighthouses. o.O

  2. You say Nevaaada, I say Nevahda, let's call the whole thing off! Really, this has to be a conversation, by local officials? Really?!

    I grew up in Illinois...which, while I do cringe visibly when people pronounce it Illinoise (I'm always like, oh there are 2, I though there was just the one...badoompchoomp!) instead of Illinoy, I would be more annoyed if it had to be addressed by local government.

    I'm a fairly recent Louisiana resident-and I have to say, before moving here, I said it as it looks...Loo-wee-zee-anna. But instantly upon moving here, I say Looosiana. I think it's in the air. OR the water supply maybe. Perhaps Nevaaada/Nevahdah should try that?

    Holler Lady Nordegren!

    Oh, and the Devil's in the Cornbread, or so some song told me, so I guess some Scottish beef might go nicely with that.

  3. Those are NOT lighthouses. #thatisall

  4. The Tame One, I'd be worried if you thought they DID look like Lighthouses. ;)

    LMAO Picksee, people say Illinoise?! My sister lives there. Too funny about your response. I'm a little disappointed you switched to Looooosiana so quickly after moving there. I'd be their one holdout. And I agree, the whole Nevaaaaada thing is silly. I don't need the state legislature's permission to call it Nev-ah-da thankyouverymuch.

  5. People do say Illinoise-I'm always so confused! O.o

    I did live in Texas for a while before coming to Looziana, so I already had a mild drawl-so it just happened so easily. Again, in the water. They are awfully proud of their water (like seriously-it's one of the cleanest in the country-and they BRAG all over the place about it)...I think it's a rouse to get us all to drink their Looziana water instead of bottled water. You wouldn't be able to resist!

  6. I don't know, Picksee. I agree they are weird about their water, but since I've married Mr. G, both he and my in-laws have switched to Dasani water. Now that's all they drink. I'm not going to say my influence is stronger than Loueeeeesiana culture, but... ok I am saying that. ;)

  7. Living in Nevada it really does drive people nuts. When I moved here from Alabama, I said it like "ah" and people wouldn't leave me alone about it. Correcting me everytime. I eventually started saying likek they did. Honestly...who cares?

    I say Loueeeeesiana too. :-)

    I totally only saw peenies. Not lighthouses. O.O

  8. That's right, Ashleigh, Las Vegas is in Nevada. Sometimes I think of Las Vegas as its own little state. ;)

    LMAO on the "peenies".