Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Strawberry Bears

Well, well, I did show up after all today. How about you? Did you know the weather in Shit, Iran is a partly cloudy 57 degrees today. How could the country of beautiful Persians and Prince Dastan possibly have a city named Shit? I think that's shit. You might think that's shit too, but at least the people in Shit aren't stuck on the 405 with it's bumper to bumper traffic this morning, like you are.

In the news, a black bear walked through an open door in a New Hampshire house, pulling a goldilocks by eating two pears, grapes and drinking out of the family fishbowl, before grabbing a stuffed bear on its way out the door.

Source: APnews

Poor bear was just lonely. I bet he feels much better now that he has his own stuffed bear to sleep with at night.

Speaking of scary things... Here's a picture of Simon "Butt-Hair" Cowell shirtless.

Source: TMZ

Uh apparently he does not mind having a hairy chest or belly, but he better not have hairy sides, cause that would just be weird. *dry heave*

Something that won't make you hurl is the heavenly sight of Heidi Klum, mother of 4, rocking a black bikini in Italy this past week.

Source: TMZ

Yet more proof that Heidi Klum is an automaton, and is not entirely human.

Source: PictureIsUnrelated

What? What do you mean my kitty isn't welcome at that shop? What about my naked kitty? Shush, guys, I mean this one.

Poor thing is used to being locked indoors where she can't escape.

And that's all the time I have for you today. Until next time...er... tomorrow, everyone. Learn something new. Doesn't have to be worthwhile or positive. Can be evil or destructive. Just something new. And take with you the knowledge that...

-OMG Facts



  1. Oh Simon, you are indeed buxom. And just have weird hair issues from head to toe....I assume the rest of his body hair is just weird too.

    And, I love that the bear took a stuffed bear.

  2. Strawberry cheetos, oh thats so gross. And Simon has weird hair issues lol.