Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lazy Dazy

So funny story... Mr. Ginger went on a camping/white water rafting weekend trip with a Men's Group from our church this past weekend. We're coming up on our 14th wedding anniversary and in those 14 years, this is the FOURTH time Mr. G and I have ever been apart. Awwwww.... isn't that cute? Yeah, well "cute" doesn't help you sleep at night! So I thought to myself, "self", why don't you re-watch True Blood Season 1 while Mr. G is gone, after the kids are in bed?

So the first night I watched several episodes and when 3am came around, I still wasn't tired. So I decided to take an Ambien. PSA: Don't take Ambien at 3am. My oldest found me fast asleep on the couch at 8am. After he woke me, I promptly moved to the bedroom where my kids woke me up at noon. YES NOON.

So my second night without Mr. G I again decided to watch more True Blood Season 1, finishing up the season. (it had been a couple of years since I watched it) This time no Ambien, but even though I was getting tired, I decided to go for the gold... the gold, in this case meaning the Season Finale. Which ended at 6am. Then I went to bed and slept until 10am. (gotta love my kids who let me sleep in!)

Then Mr. G arrived home in time to take a shower before our babysitter came over. (are you bored yet?) So Mr. G and I went on our date. I had a glass of wine (ok two) with dinner, we came home and watched some TV, cuddling on the couch and then we went to bed.

Woke up Monday morning, got ready for my doctor's appointment and didn't even realize until Monday afternoon that it was MONDAY and I had not written a post for Gingersnaps.

That's what apparently happens when Mr. G goes away and I'm sleep deprived and an unpaid blogger.

So Monday I should've written a post for Tuesday right? Except I had a ton of errands, doctor appointment (like I said) etc. and I was busy starting a THIRD blog, which none of you will probably be interested in reading unless you're a white parent of a black child interested in how I do my daughter's hair. Then Monday night came around, and Mr. G wanted to remind me just how much he missed me. Rawr. So no Tuesday post either.

Now I'm just being lazy. Which I can be, because it's my blog. But in order to leave you with more than just a ramble, I'll provide you with some thing that will hopefully improve your hump day just a little.

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

And before you think I have a LOLcats problem... my dear friend @AbuAziz77 has already tried an intervention with me, actually this intervention.

Zamel, I love you like a brother, but I think I'm way beyond the intervention stage. You know I have 7 cats, right? Yes, SEVEN.



  1. oh good. youre back :) i want to see the third blog, :)

  2. Oh girl. I'd never seen the LolCats intervention. You just made my day.