Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Chicken Cutlets

Terrible or Terrific Tuesday (reader's choice here... you pick which kind of day to have).

The weather in Unalaska, Alaska is 57 degrees with scattered showers today. Why did they name it Unalaska? Did the city not approve of being located in Alaska and try to distance themselves from being part of Alaska? Is that like being unamerican, but you know... for Alaska?

Traffic on the Un405 is unbumper to unbumper so be prepared for a truly unspectacular commute today.

In the news, a man was found hiding in a church crawl space and arrested for burglary. According to the church pastor, the church has been broken into 17 times. Ten air conditioner units have been stolen, causing the church to cancel Sunday services a couple of times.

Source: apnews

Really? Stealing 10 A/C units from a church? Do they want the church goers to know what Hell feels like? This is Atlanta, people. Summertime without A/C is slightly hotter than Hell down there.

In celebrity news, Jenny McCarthy hosted some Vegas party, blah, blah, blah. Mostly I just want to talk about those new chicken cutlets she had implanted into her cheeks.

Source: huffingtonpost

I'm guessing she and Madonna are sharing plastic surgeons now.

It just looks weird, Jenny and Madonna. You're not fooling anyone. Except possibly yourselves.

Hey, do you find yourself having trouble sleeping because your boobs squish together when you sleep on your side? Never fear, Kush is here!

Here's Mr. Ginger's reaction to seeing the commercial:

"Nobody puts a summer sausage between their boobs! Nobody sleeps that way!! If your boobs need support, I'm here to support you."

I don't know about you, but I'm fairly certain if I stick anything between my boobs, I'm not getting any sleep.

Hey, WTF?!!

fashion fail - Oh My
see more Poorly Dressed

Honestly, I can handle everything but the red turbo-arched eyebrows. Did her black sharpie run out and she had to use her red sharpie as a backup? Ok I lied. I'm not really ok with any of it. Except maybe the tiara. Hmmmm nope, not even that. Just think... that girl has a mother who loves her despite the eyebrows. (probably)

And that's all the time I have for today. I'll do my best to not be lazy and convince myself no one reads this so I don't need to write anything for tomorrow, like I almost did today. (thank the tweeple who saw my tweet and gave me a swift kick in the @ss to continue.) Sometimes that's what I need. Wow, this feels like sharing hour and I'm starting to feel a little uncomfortable. I'm supposed to make you feel uncomfortable. Not the other way around. Ok, I know what will make you feel uncomfortable (other than visualizing your parents having sex)...

In Japan they have vending machines for underwear.

Actually, the vending machines supposedly sell "schoolgirl underwear". Back in 1993, the supposed used underwear sold for as much as US $50. They officially stopped selling these in 1993, but some of these machines apparently still exist.

-OMG Facts



  1. That last fact might have made me uncomfortable...if it wasn't for the fact that the boys (husbands friends) tried to shock me with it a few months ago! :)

  2. That was the best morning laugh I've had in a long time. That little elfin girl looks like Chuckie the dolls twin sister. Creepy little thing. As far a the boob sausage, I will first have to purchase boobs to hold it in place.

  3. The Tame One, the commercial said they are good for post-op! So go purchase your boobs and the Kush! Maybe they have a deal... buy two boobs, get one Kush sausage free?

  4. I had to show that Kush video to my husband. His first reaction was, "If you didn't have a baby attached to your boobs all the time, I have something you could put between them." Followed shortly by, "They need a better name for that. Seriously, who would put perfectly good Kush between their boobs?"

  5. Oh Jenny McCarthy, you used to be just pretty and cute...now you look like crazy old Palm Springs lady with a pool boy.
    The boob Kush is just weird. Is this really a problem? I'm totally Busty Larueux and all, but I can't even see a need...
    The eyebrow girl kind of looks like Amber on Teen Mom...
    I'm glad you posted today :)

  6. Anyone else think the Kush looks like a "personal item"?

    maybe they'll make Kush in an Edward Cullen style.. all sparkly.. and pale. =P

    Oh man.
    It made me giggle. My boobs don't need anything in between them to let me sleep. Yikes.

  7. I wish my boobs were big enough for the Kush. And Bride of Chucky is freaking scary. You make my day everyday with your posts so please done stop.

  8. Awww thank you Picksee and Lisa!

  9. JellyBeanRainbow said:

    Ewww, Jenny, what have you done? I though it was Li-Lo' s mother before I saw the name.